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Teacher to Teacher Lloyd Andersen Editor, Teacher to Teacher ■The descriptions that follow represent a variety of instructional resources and techniques that have been used successfully in educational programs serving the hearing impaired and have been recommended by the users. For purposes of sharing this information with other professionals , educators throughout the country are encouraged to submit information. The instructions for submission of information follow the Captioned Educational Films for the Deaf 16mm Films Subject: Death and Dying Age range of students who used the materials: 12-21 Educational achievement range of students who used the materials: Junior High Multihandicapped "The unit I teach on death begins with the introduction of vocabulary words such as casket , grave, funeral home, and funeral. I then show the captioned film, 'The Hunter.' This film has no words. It is a story about a boy who gets a new BB gun. He shoots the air, tin cans, and finally a bird. The last scene shows the boy with tears streaming down his face. We then discuss 'feeling words' that tie in with death. "Through the week, we expand the vocabulary , discuss death and the burial process, and talk more about feelings. We also make three trips during the unit. We visit a cemetery, a funeral home, and a monument shop. The students really seem to enjoy these trips and ask many good questions. "During this unit, I also show two more captioned films: 'Where is Dead?' and 'Very Good Friends.' These movies are very life-like and also show a child encountering death. Many children think only older people die. These two films also explain in 'simple' language. The students really enjoy these films and also raise many good questions. "A caution may be to have a few good discussions before watching the films. One other caution would be to explain that the people in both movies did not really die. Explain the purpose of these movies. "The audience for my particular group is junior high multihandicapped students. These films would be appropriate for a mature sixth grade group through high school level. All students can benefit as death happens all around us from pets to relatives. "All captioned films are wonderful! I often review the script and lesson plan guide for more ideas." —Sue Brosmith Other related resources in the Captioned Educational Films collection include: Annie and the Old One, CFD 1108 (I) The Day Grandpa Died, CFD 602 (PIA) Live or Die, CFD 1245 (A) The Magic Moth, CFD 931 (PI) My Grandson Lew, CFD 937 (PI) This One for Dad,^ CFD 1301 (A) Help Me! The Story of a Teenage Suicide, (A) A Matter of Time, (A) This information was submitted by Sue Brosmith , Illinois School for the Deaf, Jacksonville, IL. Microzine Computer Software/ Apple He or II + Subject: Varied Educational achievement range of students who used the materials: Primary through high school Microzine is subscription computer software received every other month. Each edition includes a student workbook and guide, teacher guide, and diskette. Each diskette contains 4 to 6 different programs including such activities as Twist-a-Plot (create a story), graphics, interviews , music creation, and games. The focus is on computer literacy, decision making, graphic arts, communication skills, organizational skills, problem solving, and database management. For more information, contact Scholastic, Inc., 1290 Wall St., W./P.O. Box 641, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071. This information was submitted by Rhonda Parrish and Garry Loysen, Rochester School for the Deaf, Rochester, NY. 306 A.A.D /June 1984 Teacher to Teacher WORD ATTACK/ MATH BLASTER Computer Software Apple He or II + Subject: Vocabulary/Mathematics Educational achievement range of students who used the materials: Primary through high school Math Blaster was designed to accomplish three major objectives: (a) to help memorize mathematics facts that are essential to building basic mathematics skills; (b) to help improve accuracy and increase speed; and (c) to build mathematics skills in an interesting, entertaining, and effective way. Word Attack is a four-part vocabulary building program. It is designed to teach new words, their meanings, and their usages in an interesting and exciting way. Created by Janice Davidson and Richard Eckert , these software packages offer a variety of...


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