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Reviews Deafness and Communication: Assessment and Training, edited by Donald G. Sims, Ph.D., Gerard G. Walter, Ed.D., and Robert L. Whitehead, Ph.D., 447 pp., $38.00, Williams and Wilkins, 428 East Preston St., Baltimore, MD 21202, 1982. This text is designed for practitioners working with deaf individuals in either the classroom or clinical situations. This text is a must for audiologists , speech therapists, and teachers of the deaf working with students in either selfcontained or mainstreamed situations. A particular merit of this text is that it includes information about the deaf adolescent and young adult. The needs of this population have infrequently been included in texts in the fields of the speech, hearing, and education of the deaf. The unique contribution of this work is that in addition to providing information on communication modalities normally addressed in texts of this nature, such as speech and speechreading , it provides useful information on tactile perception, sign language instruction, and English language evaluation and instruction. This text should be given serious consideration by students of aural rehabilitation; as well as be a useful reference for teachers, clinical audiologists , speech pathologists, and administrators of programs providing services to deaf individuals . David Tweedie, Ed.D. Dean, School of Communication Gallaudet College Washington, DC 20002 CHARLES C THOMAS · PUBLISHER New! INDIVIDUALISED INTEGRATION : Studies of Deaf and Partiallyhearing Children and Students in Ordinary Schools and Colleges by D. M. C. Dale. Following a review of the literature on education of hearing-impaired children, Doctor Dale considers the results of his own studies over the past three decades. He demonstrates the benefits of education in regular schools and colleges while emphasizing the need for educational, audiological and social support. April '84, about $28.50 New! APPLIED ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY OF THE SPEECH AND HEARING MECHANISM by Hugh E. Bateman and Robert M. Mason. Visually oriented and clinically sound, this text provides an understanding of the structure and function of the speech and hearing mechanism. Fundamental anatomy and physiology and basic patient management are reviewed, but the authors also delve into such specifics as facial osteotomies, cephalometry, superficial anatomy, and embryology. June '84, about $39.75 New! COMPREHENSIVE REFERENCE MANUAL FOR SIGNERS AND INTERPRETERS by Cheryl M. Hoffman. Designed for those already proficient in the skill, this dictionary of sign language provides them with an in-depth reference. The author uses an abbreviated, keyed code to allow for maximum breadth of coverage. Nearly six thousand entries, both vocabulary and idioms, are thus detailed; cross-references are included. Apr/7 '84, about $19.75 New! A SIGN LANGUAGE MANUAL by M. Ann Gautney Boles and illustrated by Kay Stanley-Nichols. There are thirty-two chapters in this basic manual of sign language that cover all types of general and specialized terms. Following an initial introduction to the manual alphabet, chapters focus individually on various topics, parts of speech, or concepts. Signing exact English is stressed; practice pages are provided. '84, $29.75 We fill all orders in 24 hours · Books sent on approval MasterCard, Visa & prepaid orders sent postpaid Catalog sent on request · Write or call (217) 789-8980 2600 SOUTH FIRST STREET SPRINGFIELD · ILLINOIS · 62717 302 A.A.D I June 1984 ...


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