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  • Bibliography of Frederica de Laguna
  • Rachel Mason, Susan A. Kaplan, and Kristi Clifford

The entries for this bibliography were compiled using a variety of sources. Frederica de Laguna's 1992 curriculum vitae formed the core of the list and other publications were identified by searching various library collections and bibliographies, and by using online bibliographic sources such as JSTOR. Tracking down accurate information about publishers, dates, and holdings required creative use of the internet and many hours of patient research by Rachel Mason, Susan Kaplan, Kristi Clifford, and Stacy Ericson. Publications that de Laguna coauthored and which show her as the first author are indicated by an "and," while the word "with" is used to identify those publications where she was a second or third author.

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With Kaj Birket-Smith
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Review of Archaeological Excavations at Kukulik, St. Lawrence...


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