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  • Index to Volume 74 (December 2002)
Board of Editors
Editor Houston A. Baker Jr., Duke University
Associate Editor Priscilla Wald, Duke University
Jonathan Arac, Columbia University (2002)
King-Kok Cheung, University of California, Los Angeles (2002)
Eric Cheyfitz, University of Pennsylvania (2002)
Eric Lott, University of Virginia (2002)
Rafael Pérez-Torres, University of California, Los Angeles (2002)
Alan M. Wald, University of Michigan (2002)
Lois A. Brown, Mt. Holyoke College (2003)
Russ Castronovo, University of Wisconsin, Madison (2003)
Marilee Lindemann, University of Maryland (2003)
Christopher Newfield, University of California, Santa Barbara (2003)
Bruce Burgett, University of Washington (2004)
Teresa Goddu, Vanderbilt University (2004)
Phillip Brian Harper, New York University (2004)
Katherine Kinney, University of California, Riverside (2004)
Aldon L. Nielsen, Pennsylvania State University (2004)
Editorial terms of office expire at the end of the year indicated.
Managing Editor Frances Kerr
Managing Editor Kelly Jarrett
Assistants Nihad Farooq, Andrew Galanopoulos, Jené Erica Lee, Anna Skorupa

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Authors of Articles and Reviews

Abraham, Julie. Review: Rohy, Impossible Women: Lesbian Figures and American Literature, 679-80.
Albrecht, James M. Review:Warren, Culture of Eloquence: Oratory and Reform in Antebellum America, 142-43.
Aldama, Frederick Luis. Review: Goldman, Continental Divides: Revisioning American Literature, 192-94.
Andrews, Scott. Review: Wyss, Writing Indians: Literacy, Christianity, and Native Community in Early America, 140-42.
Argersinger, Jana. "Family Embraces: The Unholy Kiss and Authorial Relations in The Wide, Wide World," 251-85.
Baum, Rosalie Murphy. Review: Hammond, The American Puritan Elegy: A Literary and Cultural Study, 635-37.
Baym, Nina. Review: Cameron, Beautiful Work: A Meditation on Pain, 441-43.
---. Review: Scarry, Dreaming by the Book, 441-43.
Beasley, Rebecca, "Ezra Pound's Whistler," 485-516.
Browne, Cornelius. Review: Mazel, American Literary Environmentalism, 433-35.
Burns, Allan. Review: Will, Gertrude Stein, Modernism, and the Problem of "Genius," 165-67.
Byers, Thomas B. Review: Springer, Hollywood Fictions: The Dream Factory in American Popular Literature, 660-62.
Carlson, Larry. Review: Doyle: Louisa May Alcott and Charlotte Brontë: Transatlantic Translations, 151-52.
Charles, Anne. Review: Winning, The Pilgrimage of Dorothy Richardson, 167-69.
Clayton, Jay. "Convergence of the Two Cultures: A Geek's Guide to Contemporary Literature," 807-31.
Clendenning, John. Review: Brown, The Material Unconscious: American Amusement, Stephen Crane, and the Economies of Play, 411-13.
---. Review: Monteiro, Stephen Crane's Blue Badge of Courage, 411-13.
Coe, Theodore A. Review: Simon, Trash Culture: Popular Culture and the Great Tradition, 439-41.
Cook, Don L. Review: Herman, ed., Pynchon Notes 42-43: Approach and Avoid: Essays on "Gravity's Rainbow," 668-70.
---. Review: Patell, Negative Liberties: Morrison, Pynchon, and the Problem of Liberal Ideology, 668-70.
Damon, Maria. Review: Finkelstein, Not One of Them in Place: Modern Poetry and Jewish American Identity, 674-77.
---. Review: Fredman, A Menorah for Athena: Charles Reznikoff and the Jewish Dilemmas of Objectivist Poetry, 674-77.
---. Review: Mintz, Translating Israel: Contemporary Hebrew Literature and Its Reception in America, 674-77. [End Page 936]
Dean, Sharon L. Review: Spark, Hunting Captain Ahab: Psychological Warfare and the Melville Revival, 643-44.
DeWaard, Jeanne Elders. " 'Indelicate Exposure': Sentiment and Law in Fall River: An Authentic Narrative," 373-401.
Diawara, Manthia. Review: Naremore, More Than Night: Film Noir in Its Context, 658-60.
Dimock, Wai Chee. "Non-Newtonian Time: Robert Lowell, Roman History, Vietnam War," 911-31.
---. and Priscilla Wald. "Preface: Literature and Science: Cultural Forms, Conceptual Exchanges," 705-14.
Doyle, Laura. Review: Jacobs, The Eye's Mind: Literary Modernism and Visual Culture, 418-19.
Dreiser, Petra. Review: Nicholls, Conjuring the Folk: Forms of Modernity in African America, 170-71.
Eisen, Kurt. Review: Williams, Playing the Race Card: Melodramas of Black and White from Uncle Tom to O. J. Simpson, 670-72.
Elliott, Michael A. Review: Huhndorf, Going Native: Indians in the American Cultural Imagination, 183-85.
Ferraro, Thomas J. Review: Freedman, The Temple of Culture: Assimilation and Anti-Semitism in Literary Anglo-America, 155.
Finseth, Ian Frederick. Review: Bell, Culture, Genre, and Literary Vocation: Selected Essays on American Literature, 194-96.
Fleischmann, Fritz. Review: Henigman, Coming into Communion: Pastoral Dialogues in Colonial New England, 139-40.
Foote, Stephanie. Review: Adams, A Group of Their Own: College Writing Courses and American Women Writers, 1880...


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