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160 PEGASiN 0*"3ΙΕ ΛΙ. $1.95 OÎJfc? The English Short Story In Transition 1880-1920 A collection o/ twenty-six of the hat and most exemplary short stories in English literature from the period 1880 to 1920. «««««««««« Helmut E. Gerber A PEGASUS ORIGINAL English DRAMA In Transition 18804920 A collection of English drama of the period 1880-1920. including plays by Henry Arthur Jones, Arthur Wing Pinero, Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw. James M. B.irrie. John Galsworthy, William Hiiik-r Yeats, John Millingtnn Syngc, and W Somerset Maugham. Henry F. Salerno -«s»· ENGLISH·®PEGASUS ORIGINAL f).95 POETRY IN TRANSITION Ι880Ί920 An anthology of English poetry ftom thepniotl ISSO to 1920. including 6ne/ btogaiphtrs of ihr ports. JOHN M. MUNRO PEGASUS was recently acquired by Bobbs-Merrill Company, Indianapolis WHAT DID THEY SA/ ABOUTMAUGHAM , CONRAD, AND HARDY? Get the inside information from The Annotated Secondary Bibliography Series on English Literature in üansitbrv 1880-1920 Helmut E. Gerber, General Editor W SOMERSET MAUGHAM An Annotated Bibliography of Writings About Hirn Compiled and edited by Charles Sanders "This is a model bibliography ... an indispensable work of the greatest value to those studying Maugham . . . the series should be in every research library." — LJ. Mart h 1971 x/436 pages. 2.355 entries. 5 indexes LC 79-111628/ (1970) ISBN 0-87580-015-7 $15.00 JOSEPH CONRAD An Annotated Bibliography of Writings About Him Compiled and edited by Bruce E. Teets and Helmut E. Gerber "This bibliography will be indispensable to serious (and occasional) Conrad students: it is especially valuable because it includes numerous descriptions of works otherwise unavailable except in French. Polish, or Serbo-Croatian." — CHOICE, September 1972 xii/672 pages. 1.977 entries. 5 indexes l.C 70-146639/ (1971) CIP ISBN 0-87580-020-3 * $20.00 THOMAS HARDY An Annotated Bibliography of Writings About Him Compiled and edited by Helmut E. Gerber and VV. Eugene Davis (We don't have any rave reviews about this magnificent volume yet because the book was published in July and copy for this ad was written in August—but drop by our booth and examine the mighty tome.—the publisher] x/841 pages, 3,153 entries. 5 indexes LC 72-7514 ClP ISBN 0-87580-039-4 $25.00 Forthcoming E M FÖRSTER, Frederick P. W. McDowell JOHN GALSWORTHY Earl E. and H. Ray Stevens Subsequent volumes on Lawrence. Shaw. Wells. Pater, and others. ISSSI NORTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY PRESS/DeKaIb, III. 60115 AND WHAT DID THEY SA/ABOUT (gasp!) SEQRSE EISSINE? "> WhatisthetruthaboutthereceptionofGissing1snovelsin France?2 All is revealed in the latest addition to the Annotated Secondary Bibliography Series: r GEORGEGISSING ί AnAnnotatedBibliographyofWritingsAboutHim Compiled and edited by Joseph Wolff GeorgeOrwellwasright—hewasallofthat.Buthewasalsoanovelistdedicated to his profession and to his principles, showing no small talent for his art. As can be seen from the articles annotated in this volume, the subject matter of George Gissing's novels (poverty, socialism, women, writers, the lower classes) and his own unfortunate life are inextricably intermingled. It is difficult to criticize one without knowledge of the other. Though never gaining popularity among either the populous or the pompous because of the realistic nature of his subject matter and his pessimistic presentation of it. Gissing did enjoy a certain degree of fame in the literary circles of his day. and even now remains a transitional Victorian writer of considerable merit. Theprimarypurposeofthisbibliographyistoofferscholarsinterestedinthe future assessment of George Gissing a representative body of criticism of his works from 1880-1970. The volume contains 1200 entries including abstracts of writings in 7 languages and publications of all types. Many of the entries annotated here have not been listed before in either general or individual bibliographies. Every item has either been read and abstracted or is clearly designated as not seen. Except for solving certain bibliographic problems and correcting some inaccuracies, the editor has refrained from rendering personal judgments on the material presented. All of the entries have been carefully edited by Joseph Wolff, the editor of the volume, and his work in turn has been meticulously reviewed by Helmet E. Gerber, the general editor of the series. x/358 pages, about 1.200entries, 5 indexes LC 73-15093 CIP ISBN0-87580-038-6...


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