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114 BIBLIOGRAPHIES, NEWS, AND NOTES Compiled and Edited by H. E. Gerber and E. S. Lauterbach All authors with whom we are now actively dealing are listed. We withhold listing annotated i terns-on those authors for whom we now have full-scale annotated bibliographies in progress. We would welcome firm commitments from some of our readers to undertake preparation of bibliographies on some of the minor authors who have not been systematically covered. Vie would especially welcome commitments to undertake bibliographies of writings about such authors as the following: J. D. Beresford, VZa I ter Besant, Gilbert Cannan, R. B. Cunninghame Graham, William de Morgan, W. L. George, Maurice Hewlett, W. H. Hudson, Sheila Kaye-Smith, Rose Macaulay, William McFee, Sir Compton Mackenzie, W. B. Maxwell, Leonard Merrick, C. E. Montague, Arthur Morrison, Oliver Onions, Edwin Pugh, May Sinclair, Frank Swinnerton, and Francis Brett Young. ARNOLD BENNETT By James G. Kennedy Fraser, John. "George Sturt's Apprenticeship," REVIEW OF ENGLISH LITERATURE, V (Jan 1964), 35-50. B found Sturt to be '"immersed"' in literature [on visiting Sturt, autumn-winter, 1898-1899, B's journal, q. Reginald Pound, ARNOLD BENNETT, A BIOGRAPHY (Lond: Heinemann, 1952), 118]. B probably wrote the review of Sturt's only novel, A YEAR'S EXILE, in THE ACADEMY (2 June 1898). [B had advised Sturt on a draft of the novel, entitled DR MITCHELL, In May I896 and was acting as Sturt's literary agent when A YEAR'S EXILE was being considered by John Lane, in Jan 1897: B's letters to Sturt, in Albert A. and Henry W. Berg Collection, NYPL.] Sturt began THE BETTESWORTH BOOK in I896; [B advised him on it in Mar 1897 and in Apr 1900 hoped to get Pearson's, where he was a literary adviser, to publish it], Sturt began his Journal In I89O [B began his in May I896]. [B had begun correspondence with Sturt as early as 24 May 1893 (first letter in Berg Collection), had met him in London as early as Nov I896 (JOURNAL [NY: Viking, 1933], 24), and In Sept I898 had begun to spend weekends at Wltley, Surrey, within walking distance of Sturt's wheelwright shop at Lower Bourne near Farnham (JOURNAL, 83; Pound, II7)..] Sturt had "low psychic vitality" and might have done nothing. By dedication to life as it Is, rather than to the genteel and merely conventional purposefulness that life was given in novels and plays, he became strong In the way of his model, Thoreau. [Accordingly, B misunderstood Sturt's taste when he objected to Sturt's review of ANNA OF THE FIVE TOWNS (October, 1902: Pound, 125-26). Sturt did mean "flattery" when he said that B wrote like "a recording angel" rather than with God's omniscience. By Fraser's account of Sturt's apprenticeship, 1890-1902, Sturt meant that B was not writing more purpose into life than life appears to have,] Hughes, Richard. "Notes and Topics: Faulkner and Bennett," ENCOUNTER, XXI (Sept I963), 59-61. When copies of Faulkner's novels were "unobtainable" In 1929f Hughes, just returned from America, told B of Faulkner. B's "open and 115 commonsensical" "critical style" in his weekly column for the EVERINU STANDARD gave him "a greater influence on book-sales than any other critic before or since." On 19 Dec 1926, B praised THE SOUND AND THE FURY as showing '"great and original talent'" although the novel's difficulty "'infuriated'" him. Chatto and Windus at once contracted to publish Faulkner's novels in England. On 26 June 1930, B praised Faulkner as '"the coming man'" who "'writes generally like an angel'" and is "'more promising'" than Hemingway. B had found SOLDIERS' PAY to be '"clumsily constructed'" and perversely difficult, but his praise "speeded up" Faulkner's "success" "by as much as a year or two." JOHN DAVYS BERESFORD SIR WALTER BESANT WILFRID SCAWEN BLUNT Joseph Dunlap (Library, CCNY) is preparing an annotated bibliography of writings about Blunt. JOHN BUCHAN, LORD TWEEDSMUI R J. Randolph Cox (Library, St. Olaf College) has an annotated bibliography of writings about Buchan well on the way. SAMUEL BUTLER For the time being we continue to list primarily i\ems published...


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