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THE EDITOR'S FENCE 1. The Eighth ELT Conference: New York (Dec 1964): We are now planning our eighth Conference in connection with the MLA meetings to be held in New York in December. If the Conference is authorized by the MLA, as it has been in the past, our meeting will concern itself with the work of Rudyard Kipling. The Centenary of Kipling's birth is in 1965· It therefore seems appropriate to usher in the Centenary year by giving our Conference over to a discussion of Kipling's work and by publishing our supplementary bibliography of works about Kipling early in 1965. For the purpose of our Conference we assume that Kipling is worth discussing seriously—we shall therefore do without sentimental eulogies or apologetics. In the number of ELT scheduled for publication prior to the December meeting, we shall publish two or three articles on Kipling. Papers will be briefly summarized—not read—at the meeting. The Conference time will be used mainly for discussion of problems raised by the papers and, as always, problems raised by those who attend. Discussion Leader this year will be Edward Lauterbach (Purdue University). We shall continue to be interested in seeing possible Conference papers on Kipling until September 1. 2. Editors Don't Die, They Take Sabbaticals: The editor of ELT will be on Sabbatical leave during the first term of 1964-65. In his absence, Edward S, Lauterbach will take on all thé burdens of preparing ELT, VII: 4, the Conference number, the double Kipling supplement for 1965, and the arrangements for the Conference. 3. Future ELTs: The third number of the current volume is now in preparation and, if all goes well, will be mailed in September. Definitely scheduled for this number are James Kennedy's "Reassuring Facts in THE PRETTY LADY, LORD RAINGO, and Modern Novels"; John M. Munro's "Arthur Symons, 'The Symphony of Snakes' and the Development of the Romantic Image"; one other article or bibliography for which we have not yet established priority, the Research in Progress section; book reviews and other matters. The fourth number will, of course, be the Conference number devoted chiefly to Kipling. We also have in progress the first of a special series of supplements to be published irregularly as material is available. The first of this series will be a previously unpublished play by H. G. Wells, edited by Michael Timko. 4. Research in Progress: All persons whose projects were listed last September and whose projects are still in progress should request a renewal of listing. Please make renewal requests by postcard to Edward S. Lauterbach, Department of English, Purdue University. By doing this you will help us serve our readers better. We also welcome new listings, either books in progress or dissertations. In all cases give tentative title or brief identifying label of some kind and brief indication of content whenever possible; if the research is a thesis, please give university at which degree will be taken. 5. Our Lady Thursday: Marie T. Tate, our girl Friday, who is finishing her twoyear stint with us, has during much of this semester been aided and abetted by Mrs. Maisie K. Pearson, our lady Thursday. She will complete her M. A. Thesis this summer. Her English accent has provided a delightful flavour, don't you know, and her energy has contributed much toward easing the editor's preSabbatical pangs of conscience. Cheers] 6. Our Night People: We are especially grateful for the help we had on several late and dreary nights from Sarah Cook, of the Purdue Library, and W. Eugene Davis, of the English Department. ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. Meetings of Some Note: a) CBCL NEWSLETTER, No 5 (Apr 1964) reports on the I963 meeting, in Chicago, of the Conference on British Commonwealth Literature. John B. Alphonso's "Indo-English Fiction 1857-1947" is abstracted, pp. 2-5. Plans are announced for "'organizing an international working conference on Commonwealth Literature and related studies."' The NEWSLETTER also gives some account of a new journal, HUNGARIAN STUDIES IN ENGLISH (1963), edited by Ladislas Orszagh, Professor of English at Louis Kossuth University, Debrecen. This journal includes work on Commonwealth authors, Katherine Mansfield among...


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