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241 JOHN BUCHAN, LORD TWEEDSMUIR AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF WRITINGS ABOUT HIM Compiled by J. Randolph Cox Annotated by J. Randolph Cox (St. Olaf College), W. E. Davis (Purdue University), Alma Kadragic (City College of New York), E. S. Lauterbach (Purdue University), David E. E. Sloane (Duke University). Though Buchan may be a minor figure compared with Kipling, Hardy, or Conrad, the number of writings about him is not small. As with other ELT bibliographies, only those items actually seen by the annotators have been included. Many items which only mention Buchan in passing have also been excluded. His many-faceted- career outside the world of letters is responsible for a great number of entries. If pressed to it, Buchan would not have called himself a literary man at all. His position with Thomas Nelson & Sons and his public service as member of Parliament and Governor-General of Canada took precedence over his writing. Like Sir Walter Scott he regarded literature as a good staff but a bad crutch and never treated it as more than an absorbing sideline. He was perhaps the most popular GovernorGeneral in Candadian history and he treated the post as more than just a ceremonial one. His trip through the Canadian Northwest and into the Arctic publicized the possibilities of the region as the last physical frontier and a source of barelytapped riches. Though his term of office was to end in 1S40, he had been asked to stay on, an unprecedented request. His failing health was a barrier to his accepting the honor and his death while still in office was reported throughout the world. Both the writer and the pro-consul were mourned. While he may be remembered as a storyteller, he put so much of himself Into everything he did that his other roles cannot be easily ignored. Acknolwedgments and gratitude should be expressed to all who have assisted, advised, or even shown interest in this project. Many people brought i terns to my attention which might otherwise have been overlooked: Dr. H. P. Gundy and Mr. E. C. Beers of the Douglas Library, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, where Buchan's papers and personal library are housed; Mr Murray Grant, librarian of the SCOTSMAN, Edinburgh; Mr. Lyman G. Bloomingdale of New York, collector and enthusiast; Robert Hoag, St. Paul Public Library; Miss Marlys Howe, Cass County, Minn. Library; Carlyle Holte, Religion Dept., St. Olaf College; the staff of my own library at St. Olaf for putting up with my monomania; the EET staff and Edward S. Lauterbach; and especially to a very gracious lady in England, Susan Lady Tweedsmuir. NOTE: Certain works by Buchan have appeared under different titles in this country from the original British ones. PRÉSTER JOHN was first published here as THE GREAT DIAMOND PIPE, though subsequent editions used the more familiar title. THE KING'S GRACE was published here as THE PEOPLE'S KING; SICK HEART RIVER as MOUNTAIN MEADOW; MEMORY HOLD-THE-DOOR as PILGRIM'S WAY; THE LONG TRAVERSE as THE LAKE OF GOLD; THE ISLAND OF SHEEP as THE MAN FROM THE NORLANDS, THE ISLAND OF SHEEP was actually used as a title for two different books: a pseudonymous 1 y published dialogue in 1919 (as by "Cadmus and HarmonÃ-a") and a Richard Hannay novel in 1936. The title used in the annotations of reviews of these books is the one used in the original review. 242 "An 'Abiding Memory' in Canada," TIMES (Lond), 15 peb 1940, p, 7. Mackenzie King's reply to message of sympathy from UK Government on 8's death. "Accession in Dominions," TIMES (Lond), 14 Dec 1936, p, 16, B takes new oath of allegiance to King Geoige Vl, [Proclamation of George V! as King following abdication of Edward ViIlJ "Accident to Lord Tweadsmuir," TIMES (Lond), 7 Feb 1940, p. 7. B suffers from concussion due to fall. "Acclaims Caesar as Greatest Genius." NEW YORK TiMES, 20 Aug 1932, p. 14. Rev of JULIUS CAESAR. Quotes B: "the greatest recorded effort of the human genius" is that of Julius Caesar, S emphasizes his capacity as an administrator, civic leader, and organizer of the State, rather than as a...


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