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91 is sending the book. Both letters are in the Feinberg Collection .] [O'Malley.] RICHARD WHITEING We published Wendell V, Harris' selected annotated bibliography of writings about Whiteing in ELT. VIII: 1 (1965), 44-48. We shall continue to abstract items appearing currently. FRANCIS BRETT YOUNG J. L. D. Leclair (University of Paris) is preparing an annotated bibliography of writings about Young. ISRAEL ZANGWILL We published Elsie B. Adams» "Israel Zangwill: Ghetto Realist and Romancer" and her annotated bibliography of writings about Zangwill InELT, XIII: 3 (1970), 203-9, 209-44. We shall continue to abstract items appearing currently. BOOKS RECEIVED Beer, Gillian. MEREDITH: A CHANGE OF MASKS. Lond» University of London; Athlone P, 1970. $8.00. Cather, Willa. THE WORLD AND THE PARISH: WILLA CATHER'S ARTICLES AND REVIEWS, 1895-1902, selected and ed with a commentary by William N. Curtin. 2 vols. Lincoln: University of Nebraska F, 1970. $30.00. Caudwell, Christopher. ROMANCE AND REALISM. A STUDY IN ENGLISH BOURGEOIS LITERATURE, ed and with an Intro by Samuel Hynes. Princeton: Princeton UP, 1970. $6.00. Charnier, George. A SOUTH-SEA SIREN, ed and introduced by Joan Stevens. New Zealand: Auckland UP; Lond: Oxford UP, 1970 [Lond: T. Fisher Unwin, q 1895]· $5-75· Curran, Stuart. SHELLEY'S CENCI: SCORPIANS RINGED WITH FIRE. Princeton: Princeton UP, 1970. $10.00. Edgar, Irving I. SHAKESPEARE,MEDICINE AND PSYCHIATRY. NY: Philosophical Library, 1970. $9.95. ESSAYS BY DIVERS HANDS, ed by Mary Stocks. Lond: Oxford UP, 1971. $6.00. Flora, Joseph M. WILLIAM ERNEST HENLEY. NY: Twayne Publishers, I97O. Fraser, Russell. THE WAR AGAINST POETRY. Princeton: Princeton UP, 1971. $7.50. 92 Heath, William. WORDSWORTH AND COLERIDGE. A STUDY OF THEIR LITERARY RELATIONS IN 1801-1802. Oxford: Clarendon P, 1970. $6.75. Hollander, John. THE UNTUNING OF THE SKY. IDEAS OF MUSIC IN ENGLISH POETRY 1500-1700. NY: W. W. Norton, 1970. Norton Library Paperback: $3.45. Hopkins, Gerard Manley. THE POEMS OF GERARD MANLEY HOPKINS, ed by W. H. Gardner and N. H. Mackenzie. Lond: Oxford UP, 1970. Oxford UP Paperback: $2.95. Hyde, Robin. THE GODWITS FLY, ed and introduced by Gloria Rawlinson . New Zealand: Auckland UP; Lond: Oxford UP, 1970. $4.50. Jeffares, A. Norman. THE CIRCUS ANIMALS, ESSAYS ON W. B. YEATS. Stanford: Stanford UP, 1970. $8.50. Mahood, M. M. POETRY AND HUMANISM. NY: W. W. Norton, 1970. Norton Library Paperback: $2.45. Meltzer, Milton. SLAVERY, FROM THE RISE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION TO THE RENAISSANCE. NY: Cowles Book Company, 1971. $6.95. THE OXFORD IBSEN. LEARLY PLAYS, ed and trans by James Walter McFarlane and Graham Orton. 8 vols. Lond: Oxford UP, 1970. $22.50. POETRY OF THE 'NINETIES, ed with an Intro by R. K. R. Thornton. Baltimore: Penguin Books, 1970. $1.95. Roday, Allan. THE TRUTHS OF FICTION. NY: Schocken Books, 1971. $8.00. SHAW: SEVEN CRITICAL ESSAYS, ed by Norman Rosenblood. Toronto: Toronto UP, 1971. $6.00. Shearer, John. I WISH I HAD AN AFRO. NY: Cowles Book Company, 1970. $3.95. TWENTIETH CENTURY INTERPRETATIONS OF THE RAINBOW, ed by Mark Kinkead-Weekes. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Frentice-Hall, 1971. Spectrum Book Paperbacks $1.45; Cloths $4.95. VIRGINIA WOOLF. A COLLECTION OF CRITICAL ESSAYS, ed by Claire Sprague. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1971. $5.95· Note» Listing here does not preclude the publication of a review in a future issue of ELT. Publishers receive two copies of the review. ...


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