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55 BIBLIOGRAPHY, NEWS, AND NOTES Compiled and Edited by H.E. Gerber, Charles O'Malley, and Dona Ruby This listing includes unabstracted references to all pertinent articles we have published in Volume XIII, Nos 1-4 (I97O), as well as abstracts of items published elsewhere on the authors we have been listing regularly. We list only authors on whom we have published a selected bibliography, a bibliography in depth, or on whom a project is in progress either for publication in the Annotated Secondary Bibliography Series being published by Northern Illinois University Press or in ELT. In general, we shall not include abstracts of reviews or secondary works uless they contain significant comments on primary works. In general, we shall not abstract items already abstracted in Dissertation Abstracts , although we shall list such items. Persons wno have assumed responsibility for abstracts on particular authors are appropriately credited in a b^iline. Contributors of scattered items are credited in brackets at the end of the relevant entry. Bibliographies wanted: Since relatively little current research appears on the following authors, we list their names here and await offers from our readers to prepare selected, in most cases, annotated bibliographies of writings about them, or to prepare, in a few cases, bibliographies in depth. From time to time, as our backlog diminishes, we shall add other names. We are, of course, always ready to discuss projects on authors not now listed but who fall within the scope of ELT. Max Eeerbohm H. Rider Haggard* Leonard Merrick John Davis Beresford Maurice Hewlett CE. Montague Walter Besant Rose Maccaulay Arthur Morrison Gilbert Cannan William McFee Oliver Onions William deMorgan Compton Mackenzie Edwin Pugh W.L. George W. B. Maxwell Arthur Symons» * Secondary bibliographies planned for publication in ELT are under consideration. ARNOLD BENNETT By Anita Miller We published James G. Hepburn's selected annotated bibliography of writings about Bennett in EFT, I: 1 (1957), 7-12, and additional items in various numbers since then. Anita Miller will continue to abstract items appearing currently. Arlen, Michael J. Exiles (NY: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1970)t pp. 14-15, 7Õ I [Reminiscences of his father by the son of Michael Arlen.] Arlen, who admired B. greatly, considered 56 himself a "corporal," and Wells and B his "Field Marshalls." D.H. Lawrence advised Arlen, early in his career, to stop Imitating B, and Arlen took this advice and wrote The Green Hat. Arien, on his deathbed, recalled that he had lunched wTEh B at the Savoy, and that B had "talked the whole time about money." Cohen, Harriet. A Bundle of Time (Lond: Faber and Faber, 1969), PP. 36, 45, 52, 67-70, 73=85, 86-87, 89, 99, 114, 124, 145, I50, loi, I66-67, 171, 178, 180, 184-85, 194. [These memoirs are filled with Miss Cohen's recollections of B. She includes some letters, a few of which have not been reprinted by James Hepburn.] Edel, Leon. Henry James : The Treacherous Years (NY: Lippincott, I969), pp. 7O-72, 87, 337. B, as dramatic critic for Woman. was present at the disastrous first night of Guy Domvllle, on January fifth, I895. He was a "simple, shy aspirant, insecure and uncertain, with a marked stammer .... In the school of practical journalism . . . [he was to speak] with a . . . plodding honesty, a supreme matter-of-factness ... He had an ideal of art, a desire to be a story-teller; he saw the world brighter than it was. He wanted . . . all the glitter of success ... [He] offered a conscientious and platitudinous notice [of Guy Domvllle] tailored for his- feminine readers . [B] found 'fitful beauty· in James's work [and] 'exquisite scenes . . . .* The first act was 'studded with gems of dialogue- . . . .*" [B's review appeared in Woman for January 16, I895, p. 7, under the heading "Music and Mummery." It is reprinted in Things That Have Interested Me (Lond: 1921), pp. 319-21. Both the tone of the review and the personality of the reviewer were perhaps more complex than Mr Edel indicates .] Huxley. Aldous. Letteis of Aldous Huxley, edited by Grover Smith (NY: Harper and Rowe, 1969), PP I8ln, 211n, 228, 279, 282-84, 307, 352, 516, 785, 913. These...


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