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THE EDITOR'S FENCE 1. ELT Conference: Chicago, 1965: We are applying for authorization of the ninth ELT Conference for the MLA meetings in Chicago, 1965. The subject will bè The Georgian and Trench Poets. We shall welcome papers on individual representative authors In the two groups commonly labelled Georgians and Trench Poets; on the validity of the two labels in suggesting two "schools" or "movements"; on the relationship between the two groups; etc. To be considered for publication in ELT prior to the Conference, the papers should be submitted by early September. 2. Photo-offset and Group Status: We have had a considerable reaction to our speculations on these two subjects in the preceding number of ELT. On the whole our readers seem enthusiastic about publishing ELT by means of the photo-offset process. We have had only one strong objection on the grounds of the higher subscription rate that would then be necessary. We should remind our readers that MODERN FICTION STUDIES has just announced higher subscription rates and that, since 1957-58, we have been producing ELT in mimeographed form, with never fewer than three numbers a year and with as many as five, with, in recent years, about 20025 Ο pages annually, at the rate of one dollar a year. We are planning to go over to photo-offset largely because our subscriptions have increased to a point where we can no longer devote the time and energy to the production of ELT which our present homemade product demands and because the cost of postage and suppl Ã-es for our bulky issues has risen to a point where it is no longer particularly economical for us to produce ELT in mimeographed form at the present subscription rates. Further, ELT is now a well-established, much-used research tool which should be produced in a more durable format, We are still discussing the financing of our journal, with every hope that we can remain, except for some secretarial aid, a graduate assistant, and some relief from teaching for the editor, a relatively independent, self-supporting journal. Our mail has generally been negative on the question of seeking Group status. Our efforts during the last two years to solicit some 35 letters to support our petition received, at best, only lukewarm response. It seems clear that those who have been the most active participants in the Conference and those who have in various ways helped make our work possible from the beginning much prefer to retain our Conference status. Your editor, for one, is quite content to have it thisway, despite the fact that the labor of organizing the Conference is chiefly his. Our Conference, however, will only be as worthwhile as your active participation makes it. This means that our readers must be willing to submit first-rate papers to serve as a basis for discussion and they must be willing to take part in the discussions. Because attendance has been very good during the past three years or so and because the space we have been given has sometimes been very cramped, we are requesting that MLA provide a slightly larger room and permit us to admit 45 persons rather than 35. With the continued vigorous interest of our readers and a small concession on the part of MLA as to attendance limitations, there is no reason for us to seek Group status. ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. Meetings Worthy of Note: (a) The Indiana College English Association met at Purdue University, 23-24 April 1965. Among the literary papers were E. Fred CarCarlisle 's "A Partial Portrait of Walt Whitman's Poetic Identity," Barriss Mills' ...


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