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  • Freedom Land2-Cent Freedomland Project featuring K. Gates, The Show, Young A, Dee 1, Mack Maine, Nutt tha Kid, and Dizzy1
  • 2-Cent Freedomland Project (bio)


Ain’t gonna let nobody, Lordy, Turn me ’round ! Turn me ’round! Turn me ’round!

(K. Gates)

Ain’t nobody gonna turn us around. It’s like Sodom and Gomorrah down here, We ain’t turnin’ into pillars of salt (ya heard me)

2-Cent, 2-Cent.

New Orleans miserable It ain’t even liveable. We shall overcome Singin’ old Negro spirituals. Eyes on the prize, And the youth control the future. I’m Gator, New Orleans’s savior AKA, I’m Moses Jr. I’m here to teach you And I got to save the people From New Orleans public schools Miseducation of the Negro. Please wise up, Unify and rise up. The struggle ain’t over Jus because them waters dried up [End Page 797]

(The Show)

Let’s go! They say the end is comin’, I’m a wait for it. I’m a stand up for it—me and my AK. Fuck the government gotta pay us for it, You can’t lay up, niggas better wake up, We at war. Hundred-fold fittin’ to come to a close Then it’s chips in your arm when you buy at the store, Is you ready for that? Or you gonna fight back righteously? I can see it like a psychic, martial law. Big tanks when I park my car, Nah, I’ll blood that camouflage up. Any nigga get low when the hammer rise up, That go for the ones in the MP trucks. Fuck the po’po’s and the president too Every military branch and the veteran troops. Gotta make sure every nigga ready for combat. And pick up where the Black Panthers stopped at.

(Black Panther Party Chairman Bobby Seale speaking) We want freedom. We want the power to determine the destiny of our Black community. Full employment for our people; We want housing fit for shelter and human beings . . .

(Young A)

Oh believe it . . . Now New Orleans’s a city of soul and where we livin’ is cold. But we can’t never ever change that. So I left an’ I came back, the boot where I’m stayin’ at. They wanna run us out but I can’t understand stand that. Blacks go thru a lot a shit. Four hundred slave years and we out of it. Maintain thru the pain and swallow it. But a nigga like me call it politics. So I break down government issues, and how we was misused. I still can’t cope wit that. Flow with rap-speak, I ain’t holdin’ back. But the lesson is, gotta get the focus back. If the pressure on me, then I’m never gonna crack. Stand like a man, better check my stats, Hopin’ I’ll fall but the kid won’t slack, But whatever you take I’m a throw it right back. [End Page 798]

(Dee 1)

Dee 1, look . . . I’m a ask you this one more time, Is you crazy, deaf, or blind? You don’t see them folks, in them boats, The kids without shoes. Man, it’s people dyin’, What you gonna’ do, huh? Shoot me in the head? Jus another dude dead cuz of the words that I said. I ain’t scared a you. Ah, ah, I ain’t running I’m a fight for what’s right and die for something. I’m tired of suffering, I’m becomin’ frustrated. Lord come save me, this dude tryin’ to play me. Maybe I go to jail if I say this, But the police is crooked like teeth without braces. Racist! Hypocritical! And I ain’t too political, but dawg this is pitiful. This is critical, so they can’t hold me down. Dee 1 ‘til I die, I’m a stand my ground.

(Rev. Martin Luther King)

Let me say this thing that we are challenged to do is to keep this movement moving. There is power in unity and there’s power in numbers.

(Mack Maine)

Yeah, where the...


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