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Aageson, James W. In the Beginning: Critical Concepts for the Study of the Bible. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 2000. 151 pp. ISBN 0-8133-6620-8.
Aaronsohn, Ran. Rothschild and Early Jewish Colonization in Palestine. New York: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers and Jerusalem: Hebrew University Magnes Press, 2000. 330 pp. ISBN 0-7425-0914-1.
Aczel, Amir D. The Mystery of the Aleph: Mathematics, the Kabbalah, and the Search for Infinity. New York: Four Walls Eight Windows, 2000. 258 pp. ISBN 1-56858-105-X.
Adam, A. K. M., ed. Handbook of Postmodern Biblical Interpretation. St. Louis, MO: Chalice Press, 2000. 322 pp. ISBN 0-8272-2971-2.
Agnon, S. Y. Only Yesterday. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2000. 652 pp. ISBN 0-691-00972-4.
Agosín, Marjorie. Always from Somewhere Else: A Memoir of My Chilean Jewish Father. New York: Feminist Press, 1998. 224 pp. ISBN 1-55861-195-9.
Aizenberg, Edna. Parricide on the Pampa? A New Study and Translation of Alberto Gerchunoff's Los gauchos judíos. Frankfurt am Main: Vervuert and Madrid: Ibero americana, 2000. 189 pp. ISBN 3-89354-121-7 (Vervuert); 84-95107-74-0 (Ibero americana).
Al-Ali, Nadje. Secularism, Gender and the State in the Middle East: The Egyptian Women's Movement. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000. 264 pp. ISBN 0-521- 78022-5.
Almog, Oz. The Sabra: The Creation of the New Jew. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2000. 313 pp. ISBN 0-520-21642-3.
Alpert, Yakov. Making Waves: Stories from My Life. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2000. 260 pp. ISBN 0-300-07821-8.
Alter, Robert. Canon and Creativity: Modern Writing and the Authority of Scripture. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2000. 198 pp. ISBN 0-300-08424-2.
Ariel, Yaakov. Evangelizing the Chosen People: Missions to the Jews in America, 1880–2000. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2000. 367 pp. ISBN 0- 8078-4880-8.
Atlas, James. Bellow: A Biography. New York: Random House, 2000. 686 pp. ISBN 0- 394-58501-1.
Baer, Ulrich. Remnants of Song: Trauma and the Experience of Modernity in Charles Baudelaire and Paul Celan. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2000. 343 pp. ISBN 0-8047-3927-7.
Ball, Milner S. Called by Stories: Biblical Sagas and Their Challenge for Law. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2000. 271 pp. ISBN 0-8223-2524-1.
Bartov, Omer. Mirrors of Destruction: War, Genocide, and Modern Identity. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000. 302 pp. ISBN 0-19-507723-7.
Bauer, Yehuda. Rethinking the Holocaust. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2001. 335 pp. ISBN 0-300-08256-8.
Baumann, Ulrich. Zerstörte Nachbarschaften: Christen und Juden in badischen Landgemeinden 1862–1940. Hamburg: Dölling und Galitz Verlag, 2000. 341 pp. ISBN 3-933374-42-1.
Bendersky, Joseph W. The “Jewish Threat”: Anti-Semitic Politics of the U.S. Army. New York: Basic Books, 2000. 539 pp. ISBN 0-465-08617-5.
Bentsur, Eytan. Making Peace: A First-Hand Account of the Arab-Israeli Peace Process. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2001. 281 pp. ISBN 0-275-96876-6.
Bentwich, Helen. Tidings from Zion: Helen Bentwich's Letters from Jerusalem, 1919–1931. Edited by Jenifer Glynn. London: I. B. Tauris Publishers, 2000. 206 pp. ISBN 1- 86064-349-3.
Bercovici, Mirjam and Beno Hoisie. Die Letzten vielleicht: Alte jüdische Menschen in Bukarest und Jassy 1898–1998. Edited by Erhard Roy Wiehn. Konstanz: Hartung- Gorre Verlag, 1998. 104 pp. ISBN 3-89649-328-0.
Beregovski, Moshe. Old Jewish Folk Music: The Collections and Writings of Moshe Beregovski. Edited and translated by Mark Slobin. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press, 2000. 577 pp. ISBN 0-8156-2868-4.
Berghahn, Klaus L. Grenzen der Toleranz: Juden und Christen im Zeitalter der Aufklärung. Köln: Böhlau Verlag, 2000. 304 pp. ISBN 3-412-13099-0.
Bernstein, Michael André. Five Portraits: Modernity and the Imagination in Twentieth- Century German Writing. Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press, 2000. 150 pp. ISBN 0-8101-1774-6.
Bettinger-L, IL: NorthwesteCuban-Jewish Journeys: Searching for Identity, Home, and History in Miami. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 2000. 277 pp. ISBN 1- 57233...

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