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Real Knockouts: The Physical Feminism of Women’s Self-Defense
A new book by Martha McCaughey (1997, NYU Press, 1-800-996-NYUP).

This book examines women’s self-defense culture and its relationship to feminism. McCaughey discusses the important implications of fighting back for feminist understandings of the body, violence, pleasure, and resistance.

For more information visit the New York University Press Web site.


Conferences, Calls for Papers, Invitations to Submit

1. Women’s Studies Woolf Issue

Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal
Call for Papers: Second Notice
Special Issue, “Virginia Woolf in Performance”
Deadline: February 15, 1998

Recent criticism of Virginia Woolf points up the challenge she poses to literary and social historicism: although intensely interested in history, she uses sources selectively for aims that vary according to her purpose and audience. That is, her works across all genres are rhetorical, often dialogical performances.

Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal is planning a special issue to be called “Virginia Woolf in Performance.” Invited for consideration are essays dealing with Woolf “in performance” broadly defined. In addition to issues of textual performance suggested above (including negotiations of gender and sexuality), topics might include multimedia, film, or live performances of Woolf’s work; photo-essays and other creative responses are welcome. Another possibility is the issue of Woolf’s own continued ability to perform: what will she sound like in a few years when she becomes a writer of the previous century? What are the difficulties and pleasures of keeping her voice alive?

Essays should be 20–25 pages in length. Deadline for sending completed submissions is (postmarked) February 15, 1998. Please send to guest editor Sally Greene, 406 Morgan Creek Rd., Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA 27514. Inquiries welcome at


2. Hypertexts and Hypermedia

The Paragraphe Laboratory of Paris 8 University organizes its 4th international conference: Hypertexts and Hypermedia.

For further information, consult the site of the conference:

  • Universite Paris 8
    Departement Hypermedias
    2 Rue de la liberte
    93526 St-Denis Cedex 02
    Phone: (+33) 01 49 40 67 58 Fax: (+33) 01 49 40 67 83

Thursday September 25

  • ○ 8h 30 - 9h 30 Mee;ting the participants

  • ○ 9h 30 - 9h 45 Opening speech by Renaud Fabre, Head of the University of Paris VIII (France)

  • ○ 9h 45 - 10h 00 Presentation of the conference. Jean-Pierre BALPE, University of Paris VIII (France), Marc NANARD, LIRMM (France)


  • ○ 10h 00 - 10h 30 Hypertexts or structured documents? Jacques ANDRE & Hélène RICHY, INRIA/IRISA (France)

  • ○ 10h 30 - 11h 00 Navigation in structured multimedia documents using presentation context. Loay SABRE-ISMAIL, Cécile ROISIN & Nabil LAYAIDA, INRIA - Rhône-Alpes (France)

  • ○ 11h 00 - 11h 10 Coffee break

  • ○ 11h 10 - 11h 40 Intertwining of activity spaces: How to glue parts together? Wolfgang SCHULER & Weigang WANG, GMD-IPSI (Germany)

  • ○ 11h 40 - 12h 10 Cooperative use of MHEG and HyTime in hypermedia environments. LIoyd RUTLEDGE, Jacco van OSSENBRUGGEN, Lynda Hardman & Dick BULTERMAN, Department of mathematics and computer Science of Amsterdam (Netherlands)

  • ○ 11h 50 - 14h 00 Lunch

Thursday September 25

Head of session: Walter VANNINI (Human Systems - Italy)

  • ○ 14h 00 - 14h 30 LiOS: An automatic tool for supporting evaluation in the WWW. Renata FORTES & Maria NICOLETTI, USP/UFSCar, São Calors University (Brazil)

  • ○ 14h 30 - 15h 00 A Study of propagation on the web through hypertextual links. Josè ROUILLARD & Jean CAELEN, CLIPS/IMAG - Grenoble (France)

  • ○ 15h 00 - 15h 10 Coffee break

  • ○ 15h 10 - 15h 40 Investigation environment on the Web: user aids through federate kowledge. Emmanuel NAUER & Jean-Charles LAMIREL, CRIN/CNRS - INRIA Lorraine (France)

  • ○ 15h 40 - 16h 10 Museum-on-demand: Dynamic management of resources in WEB museums. Fabrizio FURANO, Renzo ORSINI & Augusto CELENTANO, Department of mathematics of Venice (Italy)

  • ○ 16h 10 - 16h 20 Coffee break

  • ○ 16h 20 - 16h 50 Learning user preferences for Web browsing assistance. François Jacquenet & Patrice BRENOT, CRID - Dijon (France)

  • ○ 16h 50 - 17h 20 Curl: Automated linking of pages in a web document. Andrew DAVISON, Department of computer...

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