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  • Schools and Programs in Canada

This listing provides directory information on schools and programs in Canada that enroll or provide services to children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Under each province is an alphabetical listing by city of (1) special schools and center programs (residential, day), (2) charter schools/programs, (3) provincial programs, (4) local programs, and (5) other types of programs. Programs listed include only those that returned the American Annals of the Deaf 2008 Reference Issue Canadian Program Questionnaire. To update or add a program listing for the next issue, contact Sue Hotto at the Gallaudet Research Institute, HMB S-427, 800 Florida Avenue NE, Washington, DC 20002, 1-800-451-8834 ext 5575/5907 (v/tty) or send an email toSue.Hotto@gallaudet.edu.


Special Schools or Center Programs

Day Only

Alberta School for the Deaf

6240-113 Street

Edmonton ALTA T6H 3L2

phone: 780-439-3323 (v/tty)

fax: 780-436-0385

Principal: Kathy Dolby


website: http://asd.epsb.ca/

Connect Society

11342-127 Street

Edmonton ALTA T5M 0T8

phone: 403-454-9581

tty: Same

fax: 403-447-5820

ECD Co-ordinator: Cheryl Redhead


website: www.connectsociety.org

Local Programs

Calgary Board of Education

728-32 Street N.W.

Calgary ALTA T2N 2V9

phone: 403-777-7240 ext 2323

tty: 403-777-7265

fax: 403-777-6016

System Principal, Deaf & Hard of Hrg: Norma Jean Taylor


website: www.cbe.ab.ca

British Columbia

Special Schools or Center Programs


B.C. School for the Deaf

5455 Rumble Street

Burnaby BC V5J 2B7

phone: 604-664-8560

tty: 604-664-8563

fax: 604-664-8561

Principal: Marguerite Henderson


website: www.burnabysouth.com/

Day Only

Deaf Children’s Society of B.C.

7355 Canada Way

Burnaby BC V3N 4Z6

phone: 604-525-6056

tty: 604-525-9390

fax: 604-525-7307

Executive Director: Cheryl D. Collins


website: www.deafchildren.bc.ca

BC Family Hearing Resource Centre

15220—92nd Avenue

Surrey BC V3R 2T8

phone: 604-584-2827

tty: 604-584-9108

fax: 604-584-2800

Acting Director: Ellen Peterson


website: bcfamilyhearing.com

Vancouver Oral Centre for Deaf Children

3575 Kaslo Street

Vancouver BC V5M 3H4

phone: 604-437-0255

tty: 604-437-1251

fax: 604-437-0260

Executive Director and Principal: Marjorie MacLean


website: www.oraldeafed.org/schools/vancouver

Other Program Type


Provincial Oral Program

5455 Rumble Street

Burnaby BC V5J 2B7

phone: 604-664-8560

tty: 604-664-8563

fax: 604-664-8561

Principal: Marguerite Henderson


website: www.burnabysouth.com/

Provincial Services for the Deaf and HH

4334 Victory Street

Burnaby BC V5J 1R2 [End Page 186]

phone: 604-660-1800

tty: 604-660-1807

fax: 604-660-1859

Services Coordinator: Diana Tarchuk


website: www.mcf.gov.bc.ca/psdhh/

Queen Alexandra Ctr for Children’s Hlth

2400 Arbutus Road

Victoria BC V8N 1V7

phone: 250-721-6830

tty: 250-721-6765

fax: 250-721-6818

Coordinator, Early Intervention Prog: Marion Sollazzo


Local Programs

Chilliwack School District #33

8430 Cessna Drive

Chilliwack BC V2P 7K4

phone: 604-703-1742

fax: 604-703-1774

District Principal: Karen Agnew

Langley School District #35

4875 222nd Street

Langley BC V3A 3Z7

phone: 604-532-0188

fax: 604-532-8954

District Administrator: Rosemarie Janssen


District Itinerant Office

Lakewood Junior, 4131 Rainbow Drive

Prince George BC V2M 3W3

phone: 250-561-9235

fax: 250-564-4891

Teachers of the Deaf & HH: Lister Chen/ Susan Warren


Surrey SD #36 Hearing Resource Prog

Queen Elizabeth Secondary, 9457 136 St.

Surrey BC V3W 5W4

phone: 604-588-1258

fax: 604-584-5294

Teacher of the Deaf and HoH: Kim Patrick


website: www.sd36.bc.ca/queene

District Resource Program

675 Meaford Avenue

Victoria BC V9B 5Y1

phone: 250-478-7621

tty: 250-478-0599

fax: 250-478-9295

Principal: Scott Stinson


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