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  • Editorial Consultants

During the period October 1998 through October 1999, those who evaluated manuscripts for the Journal include, in addition to the scholars listed on the masthead, the following:

  • tom l. beauchamp

    Georgetown University

  • scott berman

    St. Louis University

  • john biro

    University of Florida

  • ruby blondell

    University of Washington

  • martha brandt bolton

    Rutgers University

  • harry m. bracken

    Arizona State University

  • daniel breazeale

    University of Kentucky

  • john bricke

    University of Kansas

  • diskin clay

    Duke University

  • john cottingham

    University of Reading

  • daniel dahlstrom

    Boston University

  • stephen darwall

    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

  • lisa downing

    University of Pennsylvania

  • john p. doyle

    St. Louis University

  • therese-anne druart

    The Catholic University of America

  • karann durland

    Austin College

  • john ellis

    Memphis State University

  • lorne falkenstein

    University of Western Ontario

  • michael ferejohn

    Duke University

  • daniel e. flage

    James Madison University

  • peter fosl

    Transylvania University

  • daniel fouke

    University of Dayton

  • paul franks

    Indiana University

  • john glenn jr.

    Tulane University

  • francisco j. gonzalez

    Skidmore College

  • lenn goodman

    Vanderbilt University

  • paula gottlieb

    University of Wisconsin, Madison

  • josiah gould

    SUNY, Albany

  • jorge gracia

    SUNY, Buffalo

  • jeremiah hackett

    University of South Carolina

  • robert hanna

    University of Colorado, Boulder

  • kevin hill

    Northwestern University

  • sarah holtman

    University of Minnesota

  • alfred ivry

    New York University

  • robert johnson

    University of Missouri

  • charles kahn

    University of Pennsylvania

  • donald e. kelley

    Rutgers University

  • theodore kisiel

    Northern Illinois University

  • james c. klagge

    Virginia Polytechnic & State University

  • george klosko

    University of Virginia

  • barry s. kogan

    Hebrew Union College

  • manfred kuehn

    Purdue University

  • charles landesman

    Hunter College, CUNY

  • oliver leaman

    Liverpool John Moores University

  • thomas m. lennon

    University of Western Ontario

  • sharon lloyd

    University of Southern California [End Page 703]

  • roderick long

    Auburn University

  • pat a. manfredi

    Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

  • aloysius p. martinich

    University of Texas

  • john mcevoy

    University of Cinannati

  • jane mcintyre

    Cleveland State University

  • emily michael

    Brooklyn College, CUNY

  • parviz morwedge

    Binghamton University

  • john j. mulhern

    University of Pennsylvania

  • alan nelson

    University of California, Irvine

  • david k. o’connor

    University of Notre Dame

  • robert l. perkins

    Stetson University

  • i. m. resnick

    University of Tennessee

  • hoke robinson

    Memphis State University

  • tom rockmore

    Duquesne University

  • donald rutherford

    Emory University

  • ansgar santagrossi, osb

    Mt. Angel Seminary

  • kenneth m. sayre

    University of Notre Dame

  • gary alan scott

    St. Peter’s College

  • sally sedgwick

    Dartmouth College

  • cynthia e. stark

    University of Utah

  • werner stark

    Philipps-Universitaet Marburg

  • m. a. stewart

    University of Lancaster

  • roderick stewart

    Austin College

  • gisela striker

    Cambridge University

  • roger j. sullivan

    University of South Carolina

  • thomas tuozzo

    University of Kansas

  • john walbridge

    Indiana University

  • richard watson

    Washington University

  • joan weiner

    University of Wisconsin

  • robert welshon

    University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

  • kevin j. white

    The Catholic University of America

  • michael white

    Arizona State University

  • kenneth p. winkler

    Wellesley College

  • r. s. woolhouse

    University of York

  • george wright

    University of Wisconsin, Madison

  • john p. wright

    Central Michigan University

  • michael zimmerman

    Tulane University [End Page 704]



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