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  • Contents for Volume XXXVII (1999)


On Substance Being The Same As Its Essence In Metaphysics Z6; The Pale Man Argument, norman o. dahl 1

Hebomads: Boethius Meets the Neo-Pythagoreans, sara pessin 29

Physics and Metaphysics in Descartes and Galileo, blake d. dutton 49

The Coherence of a Mind: John Locke and the Laws of Nature, alex tuckness 73

Anthropology From a Metaphysical Point of View, jeanine m. grenberg 91

Thomas Reid on Memory, rene van woudenberg 117

Selves and Personal Existence in the Existentialist Tradition, james o. bennett 135

Semantics in Aristotle’s Organon, mark wheeler 191

Unibilitas: the Key to Bonaventure’s Understanding of Human Nature, thomas m. osborne jr. 827

Cartesian Composites, paul hoffman 251

The Religious Rationalism of Benjamin Whichcote, michael b. gill 271

Ideas in the Brain: the Localization of Memory Traces in the Eighteenth Century, timo kaitaro 301

Kant’s Just War Theory, brian orend 323

The Coloration of Aristotelian Eye-Jelly: A Note on On Dreams, raphael woolf 385

Four-Dimensionalism and Identity Across Time: Henry of Ghent vs. Bonaventure, richard cross 393

Descartes’s Lettre Apologétique aux Magistrats d’Utrecht: New Facts and Materials, erik-jan bos 415

Descartes on Mind-Body Interaction: What’s the Problem? marleen rozemond 435

Scepticism About Persons in Book II of Hume’s Treatise, donald c. ainslie 469

Conflict and Reconciliation in Hegel’s Theory of the Tragic, j. g. finlayson 493

Aristotle and the Appearances, paul nieuwenburg 551

Transitions to a Modern Cosmology: Meister Eckhart and Nicholas of Cusa on the Intensive Infinite, elizabeth brient 575

Descartes’ Natural Light Reconsidered, deborah boyle 601

Spinoza on Self-Preservation and Self-Destruction, mitchell gabhart 613 [End Page 705]

Kant on the Method of Mathematics, emily carson 629

Wittgenstein on Non-Mediative Causality, james c. klagge 653

Book Reviews

Patricia Curd, The Legacy of Parmenides, Eleatic Monism and Later Presocratic Thought, mitchell miller 157

M. S. Lane, Method and Politics in Plato’s Statesman, francisco j. gonzalez 159

Lucas Siorvanes, Proclus: Neo-Platonic Philosophy and Science, p. a. meijer 160

Lawrence C. Becker, A New Stoicism, eric brown 162

Linda Lopez McAllister, ed., Hypatia’s Daughters: Fifteen Hundred Years of Women Philosophers, sue m. weinberg 164

Daniel Garber, Michael Ayers, eds., The Cambridge History of Seventeenth-Century Philosophy, donald rutherford 165

Susan James, Passion and Action: The Emotions in Seventeenth-Century Philosophy, richakd a. watson 168

Jennifer A. Herdt, Religion and Faction in Hume’s Moral Philosophy, james fieser 170

Richard Η. Popkin, Ezequiel de Olaso and Giorgio Tonelli, eds., Scepticism in the Enlightenment,

Johan van der Zande, Richard H. Popkin, eds., The Skeptical Tradition around 1800: Skepticism in Philosophy, Science, and Society, reiner f. klemme 171

Robert R. Williams, Hegel’s Ethics of Recognition, lawrence s. stepelevich 174

Dietmar Η. Heidemann, Kant und das Problem des metaphysischen Idealismus, konstantin pollok 175

Daniel W. Conway, Nietzsche and the Political, daniel breazeale 177

Alan W. Richardson, Carnap’s Construction of the World. The Aufbau and the Emergence of Logical Empiricism, rolf george 179

Robert G. Turnbull, The Parmenides and Plato’s Late Philosophy, scott carson 355

Peter L. Phillips Simpson, trans., The Politics of Aristotle, charles m. young 356

Jonathan Barnes, Logic and the Imperial Stoa, william o. stephens 357

David Konstan, Friendship in the Classical World, david k. glidden 359

M. Michèle Mulchahey, "First the Bow is Bent in Study…" Dominican Education before 1350, john inglis 361

Ann Blair, The Theater of Nature: Jean Bodin and Renaissance Science, peter dear 363 [End Page 706]

Peter Machamer, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Galileo, martin curd 364

Roger Ariew, John Cottingham, and Tom Sorell, eds., Descartes’ Meditations: Background Source Materiah, richard a. watson 366

Elmar J. Kremer, ed., Interpreting Arnauld, lisa downing 367

Abraham Anderson, The Treatise of the Three Impostors and the Problem of Enlightenment: A New Translation of the Traite des trois Imposteurs, jan w. wojcik 368

Immanuel Kant, Vorlesungen über Anthroplogie, karl ameriks 370

Beatrice Longuenesse, Kant and the Capacity to Judge; Sensibility and Discursivity in the Transcendental Analytic of the Critique of Pure Reason, michelle greer

Günter Zöller, Fichte’s Transcendental Philosophy: The Original Duplicity of Intelligence and Will, daniel breazeale 374



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