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BOOK REVIEWS 121 in particular in the history of most recent philosophy. It will probably be read by scholars and students from many different disciplines, serving as a guide for those who desire a detailed philosophical analysis of particular points. Hopefully, it will prove to be an effective antedote to the excessive parochialism reflected in the greater part of contemporary philosophical production. Or, to paraphrase Wittgenstein, it will show that philosophers should not be merely clever all the time! C. HENDERSON V. ZEMAN Concordia University, Montreal BOOKS RECEIVED First Editions Antonaci, Antonio. Ricerche sull'Aristotelismo del Rinascimiento Marcantonio Zimara. Vol. I: Dal Primo Periodo Padovuno al Periodo Presalernitano. Universita de Bari Publicazioni del'Instituto de Filosofia, No. 14. Lecce: Editrice Salentina, 1972. Pp. 511. Paper, L. 6,000. Aristotele: Trattato sul Cosmo per Alessandro. Traduz. con testo Greco a Fronte. Introd., commento e indici di Giovanni Reale. Filosofi Antichi, 5. Napoli: Luigi Loffredo Editore, 1974. Pp. xv + 358. L. 9.000. Berti, Enrico. Studi Aristotelici. Methodos: Collana di studi filosofici diretta da Enrico Berti, Vol. 7. L'Aquila: L.U. Japadre Editore, 1975. Pp. 361. L. 5.000. Blum, Carol. Diderot: The Virtue o/a Philosopher. New York: The Viking Press, 1974. Pp. viii + 182. $8.95. Broad, C. D. Leibniz: An Introduction. Ed. by C. Lewy. London: Cambridge University Press, 1975. Pp. xii + 174. $14.95. Paper, $4.95. Brody, Baruch. Abortion and the Sanctity o] Human Life: A Philosophical View. Cambridge: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1975. Pp. 162. $8.95. Buijssen, B. H. Durandus' Rationale In Spiitmittelhochdeutscher Obersetzung. Die Bucher I-IlI. Studio Theodisca, Bd. XIII. Assen, Niederlande: Van Gorcum & Co. B.V., 1974. Pp. 267. $28.50. Chiari, Joseph. Twentieth Century French Thought. N.Y.: Gordian Press, Inc., 1975. Pp. 207. $14.00. Christes, Johannes. Bildung und Gesellscha/t. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1975. Pp. xiii + 268. Cornman, James W. Perception, Common Sense, & Science. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1975. Pp. xiii + 420. Davis, David Brion. The Problem o/Slavery in the Age of Revolution 1770-1823. New York: Cornell University Press, 1975. Pp. 576. $17.50. Deeb, Norman A. Cloud Nine: A Seminar on Educational Philosophy. New York: Philosophical Library, 1975. Pp. ix + 118. Dooley, Patrick Kiaran. Pragmatism as Humanism: The Philosophy o/ William James. New Jersey : Littlefield, Adams & Co., 1975. Pp. xii + 220. $9.95. Paper, $3.50. Dumain, Harold J. A Synthesis o/Philosophy. New York: Philosophical Library, Inc., 1975. Pp. 185. $6.00. Essays On Islamic Philosophy and Science. Ed. by George F. Hourani. Studies in Islamic Philosophy and Science. Albany: State University of New York Press, 1975. Pp. viii + 261. $20.00. Ethical Issues: A Search/or Contemporary Patterns. Ed. by William R. Durland and William H. Bruening. Palo Alto: Mayfield Publishing Co., 1975. xii + 443. $6.95. Funke, Gerhard. Bewusst Sein. Bonn: Bouvier, Verlag, Herbert, Grundmann, 1975. Pp. x + 463. Galston, William A. Kant and the Problem of History. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1975. Pp. x + 290. $13.50. 122 HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY Griffith, Ernest S. and Francis R. V',deo. Congress: Its Contemporary Role. Intro. by Senator Mike Mansfield. New York: New York University Press, 1975. Pp. xvi -1- 268. Hare, Peter H. and Edward H. Madden. Causing, Perceiving and Believing. An Examination of the Philosophy of C. J. Ducasse. Philosophical Studies in Philosophy, Vol. 6. Dordrecht, Holland/Boston; D. Reidel Publishing Co., 1975. Pp. vii -t- 211. DF1. 70, US $26.00. Iggers, George G. New Directions in European Historiography. Conn: Wesleyan University Press, 1975. Pp. ix d- 229. $16.00. Innate Ideas. Ed. by Stephen P. Stich. Berkeley, Los Angeles, London: University of California Press, 1975. Pp. x q- 222. Joyce, Robert. The Esthetic Animal. Hicksville: Exposition Press, 1975. Pp. viii q- 143. $7.50. Kalupahana, David J. Causality: The Central Philosophy of Buddhism. Honolulu: The University Press of Hawaii, 1975. Pp. xv q- 265. Kennedy, Thomas C. Charles A. Beard and American Foreign Policy. Gainsville: The University Presses of Florida, 1975. Pp. xii q- 199. $8.50. Koepsel, Werner. Die Rezeption der Hegelschen Asthetik im 20..tahrhundert. Bonn: Bouvier, Verlag, Herbert, Grundmann, 1975. Pp. 381. Kogel, Ren6e. Pierre Charron. Histoire des idles et critique literaire, Vol...


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