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  • Resolutions of the 2006 APCG Meeting Eugene, Or egon
  • Bill Crowley, Chair, Nancy Wilkinson, and Larry Ford

WHEREAS, the geography faculty of the University of Oregon has hosted the 69th meeting of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers with great distinction, aplomb, and good humor, and

WHEREAS, we have all benefited from their splendid efforts at arrangements, planning, and hospitality, and

WHEREAS, we particularly want to recognize the efforts of our tireless conference chair, Alexander Murphy; his chief staff lieutenants, Jacob Bartruff and Sandra Knauber; the organization and leadership of our stalwart and able field trip leaders; the rest of the Oregon Geography Department's faculty and staff; and a large number of friendly, smiling, and invaluable student volunteers, and

WHEREAS, and nonetheless, it has come to the attention of the ever-vigilant Resolutions Committee that certain occurrences, performances, and actions merit special mention and acknowledgement, to wit, and

WHEREAS, the organizers, in a plot to con APCG by falsely misrepresenting what Oregon weather is truly like, attempted a feeble imitation of Phoenix (site of the previous year's meeting), and

WHEREAS, in a splendid example of geocaching, our hosts hid the meeting refreshments so well that attendees found it necessary to obtain latitude and longitude coordinates to locate them, and

WHEREAS, meeting organizers, in a misreading of the true powers of the organization's future president, Kate Berry, scheduled her in two sessions meeting at the same time, and

WHEREAS, with the presidents of both the AAG and APCG present at the President's Reception it was clear that the APCG is the organization of greater stature, and

WHEREAS, given Alec Murphy's ability to obtain amnesty for parking violations, members are encouraged to send all future parking tickets to him, in care of the Geography Department, and

WHEREAS, these meetings made clear that APCG needs to attract a more literate audience since so many presenters found it necessary to project their text on a screen and then read it to us, and [End Page 179]

WHEREAS, our beloved Treasurer, Bob Richardson, following a presentation on Northern Ireland, continued his focus on the inane by worrying why folks there march on the right but drive on the left, and

WHEREAS, the Oregon Geography Department now prepares for a possible lawsuit given Gary Hausladen's unfortunate placement of his right foot in a deep pothole upon leaving Rennie's Bar and Grill, disabling his back, and

WHEREAS, Larry Ford received the loudest applause of his career when he was able to get his PowerPoint presentation started, followed by "oohs" and "aahs" from the audience as he was able to include the words "condomania" and "groovy" in his talk, and

WHEREAS, the host institution lamely attempted to avoid a "real" resolutions report by scheduling field trips after the banquet and by appointing an "All-Oregon alumni" Resolutions Committee, and

WHEREAS, and finally, the Resolutions Committee found itself searching desperately for material because of the high standard of organization of these meetings, thus establishing a guidepost for next year's hosts at Long Beach State,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that our well-organized, hardworking friends at the U of O understand that we are all most grateful for a terrific meeting that apparently has set total attendance records and that future hosts will be challenged to equal.

Respectfully Submitted,
Bill Crowley
Nancy Wilkinson
Larry Ford



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