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Holocaust and Genocide Studies 20.2 (2006) 378-379

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Biographies of Contributors

Frank Bajohr is Senior Researcher at the Forschungsstelle für Zeitgeschichte in Hamburg, and has been a Research Fellow at the International Institute for Holocaust Research at Yad Vashem. His publications include 'Aryanisation' in Hamburg: The Economic Exclusion of Jews and the Confiscation of their Property in Nazi Germany (2002), Parvenüs und Profiteure: Korruption in der NS-Zeit (2001), and 'Unser Hotel ist judenfrei': Bäder-Antisemitismus im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert (2003).
Simone Gigliotti is Lecturer in the History Program at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and a Fellow in the History Department at the University of Melbourne, Australia. She is co-editor of The Holocaust: A Reader (2005), and is completing a monograph entitled Holocaust Journeys: Travel, Captivity, Witness (forthcoming). She is interested in disclosures of the witness experience in the Holocaust and other recent genocides, as well as in refugee memory in transnational literatures and testimony, with publications on these topics forthcoming in Immigrants & Minorities and in Alan Rosen, ed., Approaches to Teaching Elie Wiesel's Night.
Patricia Kennedy Grimsted is Research Associate at the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute and an Honorary Fellow of the International Institute of Social History (Amsterdam). She received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley in 1964 and taught at several universities. Among many distinctions, she was a fellow at the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (2000–2001), and in 2002 received the Distinguished Contribution to Slavic Studies Award from the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies. Dr. Grimsted is the West's leading authority on archives of the former Soviet Union. Her numerous monographs, documentary publications, and directories include Archives of Russia: A Directory and Bibliographic Guide to Holdings in Moscow and St. Petersburg (Russian edition, 1997; English edition, 2000); and Trophies of War and Empire: The Archival Legacy of Ukraine, World War II, and the International Politics of Restitution (2001). Dr. Grimsted is director of ArcheoBiblioBase, an electronic directory project of the Federal Archival Service of Russia, the National Committee on Archives of Ukraine, and the International Institute of Social History.
Jonathan Markovitz is Lecturer at the University of California, San Diego, and has published articles on race relations in the United States, collective memory, film, gender, and popular culture. His book, Legacies of Lynching: Racial Violence and Memory (2004), examines the ways in which collective memories of lynching have been constructed, contested, and deployed in popular culture and within a variety of politicized arenas. His current research project is an investigation of racially based self-defense claims in criminal trials.
Leonid Smilovitsky received his Ph.D. from The State University of the Republic of Belorussia in 1984. He worked at the Belorussian State Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War (1979–1980), and was associate professor of history at the Belarus State University of Culture [End Page 378] (1981–1992). In Israel he worked at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem (1994–1995), and since then in the Diaspora Research Institute of Tel Aviv University. His one hundred-plus publications on Belorussian Jewry include Evrei Belarusi: Iz nashei obshchei istorii, 1905–1953 (1999), and Katastrofa evreev v Belorossii, 1941–1944 (2000); many can be seen at



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