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The Canadian Modern Language Review / La revue canadienne des langues vivantes 62.4 (2006) 651-653

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Index to Volume 62, 2005-6 / Index du volume 62, 2005-6


BELZ, JULIE, and NINA VYATKINA Learner Corpus Analysis and the Development of L2 Pragmatic Competence in Networked Inter-cultural Language Study: The Case of German Modal Particles     17

CHAPELLE, CAROL A. CALL the Canadian Way     207

CHEN , LIANG, and JOHN W. OLLER, JR. Indexical Relations and Sound Motion Pictures in L2 Curricula: The Dynamic Role of the Teacher     263

CHUNG, YANG-GYUN, BARBARA GRAVES, MARI WESCHE, and MARION BARFURTH Computer-Mediated Communication in Korean-English Chat Rooms: Tandem Learning in an International Languages Program     49

DE SERRES, LINDA et MARC LAFONTAINE Utilisation des TIC : adaptation et validation de trois échelles de mesures de variables affectives     183

GEARON, MARGARET L'alternance codique chez les professeurs de français langue étrangère pendant des leçons orientées vers le développement des connaissances grammaticales     449

GOLDBERG, ERIN, and KIMBERLY A. NOELS Motivation, Ethnic Identity, and Post-Secondary Education Language Choices of Graduates of Intensive French Language Programs     423

GREIDANUS, TINE, BIANCA BEKS, and RICHARD WAKELY Testing the Development of French Word Knowledge by Advanced Dutch- and English-Speaking Learners and Native Speakers     509

HANEDA, MARI Some Functions of Triadic Dialogue in the Classroom: Examples from L2 Research     313

HOWARD, MARTIN Variation in Advanced French Interlanguage: A Comparison of Three (Socio)linguistic Variables     379

KISSAU, SCOTT Gender Differences in Motivation to Learn French     401

NGUYEN, HANH THI, and GUY KELLOGG Emergent Identities in On-Line Discussions for Second Language Learning     111

NOELS, KIMBERLY A. Orientations to Learning German: Heritage Language Background and Motivational Processes     285 [End Page 651]

PICHETTE, FRANÇOIS Time Spent on Reading and Reading Comprehension in Second Language Learning     243

POTTS, DIANE Pedagogy, Purpose, and the Second Language Learner in On-Line Communities     137

ROESSINGH, HETTY The Teacher is the Key: Building Trust in ESL High School Programs     563

SPILIOTOPOULOS, VALIA, and STEVEN CAREY Investigating the Role of Identity in L2 Writing Using Electronic Bulletin Boards     87

THOMS, JOSHUA, JIANLING LIAO, and ANJA SZUSTAK The Use of L1 in an L2 On-Line Chat Activity     161

Focus on the Classroom / Pleins feux sur la classe

HAMEL, MARIE-JOSÉE Grammaire de texte en contexte d'ALAO : une année avec le didacticiel FreeText 2    21

KNUTSON, ELIZABETH M. Cross-Cultural Awareness for Second/Foreign Language Learners     591

KWON, MINSOOK, and DAVID KELLOGG Teaching Talk as a Game of 'Catch'     335

TURNBULL, MILES Employons le français en français de base !     611

Book and Software Reviews / Critiques de livres et de logiciels

BAMFORD, JULIAN, and RICHARD R. DAY (EDS.). Extensive Reading Activities for Teaching Language reviewed by François Pichette     480

BERRIER, ASTRID. Conversations francophones: À la recherche d'une communication interculturelle critiqué par Danièle Moore     357

BOXER, DIANA, and ANDREW D. COHEN. Studying Speaking to Inform Second Language Learning reviewed by Pavel Trofimovich     355

BRONCKART, J.-P., E. BULEA et M. POULIOT (DIRS.). Repenser l'enseignement des langues : comment identifier et exploiter les compétences critiqué par Marie-Josée Hamel     640

BRUTT-GRIFFLER, JANINA, and MANKA M. VARGHESE (EDS.). Bilingualism and Language Pedagogy critiqué par Marie-Josée Vignola     351

CASQUARILLO, ANGELA, STEPHEN B. KUCER, AND RUTH ABRAMS. Beyond the Beginnings: Literacy interventions for Upper Elementary English Language Learners reviewed by Elizabeth Coelho     471

COMENIUS, JAN AMOS. Novissima linguarummethodus - La toute nouvelle méthode des langues critiqué par Hubert Séguin     489

COOK, V. et B. BASSETTI (DIRS.). Second Language Writing Systems critiqué par Guillaume Gentil 533 [End Page 652]

DEWAELE, J.M. (ED.).Focus on French as a Foreign Language: Multidisciplinary Approaches reviewed by Katherine Rehner     482

DORNYEI, ZOLTAN. The Psychology of the Language Learner: Individual Differences in Second Language Acquisition reviewed by Susan C. Baker     629

ELLIS, R. (ED.). Planning and Task Performance in a Second Language reviewed by Mathias Schulze     644

FRASER, WENDY, and MARIE BRISSON. The CAEL Assessment Test Takers' Preparation Guide reviewed by Liz...


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