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American Literary History 14.1 (2002) 194

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Notes on Contributors

Brigitte Bailey
She is Associate Professor of English and American Studies at the University of New Hampshire and is completing a book on nineteenth-century American travel writing.

Christopher Castiglia
He is Associate Professor of English at Loyola University Chicago and the author of Bound and Determined: Captivity, Culture-Crossing, and White Womanhood from Mary Rowlandson to Patty Hearst (Chicago, 1996). His essay in this volume is part of his book, Interior States: The Romance of Reform and the Inner Life of a Nation, forthcoming in the New Americanist Series of Duke University Press.

Mary Chapman
An Associate Professor of English at the University of British Columbia, she is coeditor with Glenn Hendler of Sentimental Men: Masculinity and the Politics of Affect in American Culture (University of California Press, 1999). She is currently completing a book on the cultural work of tableaux vivants in nineteenth-century American culture.

Christopher J. Knight
An Associate Professor of English at the University of Montana, he is the author of The Patient Particulars: American Modernism and the Technique of Originality (1995) and Hints and Guesses: William Gaddis's Fiction of Longing (1997).

Bruce McConachie
He is the Director of Graduate Studies in Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. His publications include Interpreting the Theatrical Past (1989), with Thomas Postlewait, and Melodramatic Formations: American Theatre and Society, 1820-1870 (1992).

J.R. Oldfield
He is Senior Lecturer in Modern History at the University of Southampton. His publications include Popular Politics and British Anti-Slavery: The Mobilisation of Public Opinion Against the Slave Trade, 1787-1807 (1995) and Civilization and Black Progress: Selected Writings of Alexander Crummel on the South (1996).

B.V. OlguĂ­n
Currently an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Texas at San Antonio, he has published articles in Chicano and Latin-American Studies in Frontiers,Cultural Critique, and Nepantla. His book, La Pinta: History, Culture, and Ideology in Chicana and Chicano Prisoner Discourses, is forthcoming from the University of Texas Press. He currently is working on a second book project on Mexican-American war narratives.

Sohnya Sayres
Associate Professor of Humanities at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York City, she has been associated with the journal Social Text since 1982.

Laura E. Tanner
An Associate Professor of English at Boston College, her scholarship has appeared in journals including Genre,Texas Studies in Literature and Language,Mosaic, and boundary 2. She is the author of Intimate Violence: Reading Rape and Torture in Twentieth-Century Fiction (Indiana University Press, 1994) and is completing a book project titled Lost Bodies: Illness and Grief in Contemporary American Literature.

Ed White
An Assistant Professor of English at Louisiana State University, he is currently at work on a study of eighteenth-century backcountry culture and its impact on early American fiction.



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