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Allan, David. Philosophy and Politics in Later Stuart Scotland: Neo-Stoicism, Culture, and Ideology in an Age of Crisis, 1540-1690 (East Linton, Scotland: Tuckwell, 2000). Pp. 254. $31.95. ISBN 1-86232-125-6

Amhurst, Nicholas. Terræ-Filius: Or, the Secret History of the University of Oxford (1721; 1726),ed. William E. Rivers (Newark: Univ. of Delaware, 2004). Pp. 500. $65. ISBN 0-87413-801-9

Andrews, Jonathan, and Andrew Scull. Undertaker of the Mind: John Monro and Mad-Doctoring in Eighteenth-Century England. Medicine and Society, 11 (Berkeley: Univ. of California, 2001). Pp. 386. 50 ills. $35. ISBN 0-520-23151-1

Andrews, Stuart. Unitarian Radicalism: Political Rhetoric, 1770-1814 (New York: Palgrave, 2003). Pp. 243. $69.95. ISBN 0-333-96925-1

Armstrong, Alan W. "Forget not Mee & My Garden . . .": Selected Letters, 1725-1768, of Peter Collinson, F. R. S. (Philadelphia: American Philosophical Soc., 2002). Pp. 300. 125 ills. $60. ISBN 0-87169-241-4

Ayres, Jack, ed. Paupers and Pig Killers: The Diary of William Holland, A Somerset Parson, 1799-1818 (Stroud, U.K.: Sutton, 2003). Pp. 309. £7.99 paper. ISBN 0-7509-3201-5

Ashworth, William J. Customs and Excise: Trade, Production, and Consumption in England, 1640-1845 (Oxford: Oxford Univ., 2003). Pp. 396. $85. ISBN 0-19-925921-6

Baillie, Joanna. Plays on the Passions, ed. Peter Duthie (Peterborough, Ontario: Broadview, 2001). Pp. 469. $16.95. ISBN 1-55111-185-3

Baird, Rosemary. Mistress of the House: Great Ladies and Grand Houses (North Pomfret, Vermont: Trafalger Square, 2004). Pp. 336. 76 ills., incl. 62 color. $15.95 paper. ISBN 0-75381-771-3

Baltes, Sabine. The Pamphlet Controversy about Wood's Halfpence (1722-25) and the Tradition of Irish Constitutional Nationalism. Münster Monographs on English Literature, 27 (Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2003). Pp. 335. $62.95 paper. ISBN 3-631-50757-7 [End Page 109]

Beales, Derek. Prosperity and Plunder: European Catholic Monasteries in the Age of Revolution, 1650-1815 (Cambridge: Cambridge Univ., 2003). Pp. 414. 51 ills., incl. 10 color. $50. ISBN 0-521-59090-6

Beeman, Richard R. The Varieties of Political Experience in Eighteenth-Century America (Philadelphia: Univ. of Pennsylvania, 2004). Pp. 376. 25 ills. $39.95. ISBN 0-8122-3770-6

Behn, Aphra. The Lover's Watch (London: Hesperus, 2004). Pp. 112. £6.99 paper. ISBN 1-84391-074-8

Behr, Kate E. The Representation of Men in the English Gothic Novel, 1762-1820. Studies in British Literature, vol. 69 (Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellen, 2002). Pp. 272. $99.95. ISBN 0-7734-7016-6

Berlin, Ira. Generations of Captivity: A History of African-American Slaves (Cambridge: Belknap, Harvard Univ., 2004). Pp. 374. 6 ills. $16.95 paper. ISBN 0-674-01624-6

Berry, Helen. Gender, Society, and Print Culture in Late-Stuart England: The Cultural World of the Athenian Mercury. Women and Gender in the Modern World (Burlington: Ashgate, 2003). Pp. $69.95, £40. ISBN 0-7546-0496-9

Bethlen, Kata Countess. A Short Description of the Life of Countess Kata Bethlen by Herself, Written in Transylvania in the 1740s, trans. Bernard Adams (Donington, U.K.: Shaun Tyas, 2004). Pp. 110. 3 ills. £11.95 paper. ISBN 1-900289-64-4

Black, Jeremy. Italy and the Grand Tour (New Haven: Yale Univ., 2003). Pp. 256. 58 ills., incl. 27 color. $35. ISBN 0-300-09977-0

Blanning, T. C. W. The Culture of Power and the Power of Culture: Old Regime Europe, 1660-1789 (Oxford: Oxford Univ., 2003). Pp. 479. 21 ills. $19.95 paper. ISBN 0-19-926561-5

Bloom, Allan, Charles Butterworth, and Christopher Kelly, eds. and trans. Jean-Jacques Rousseau: "Letter to D'Alembert" and Writings for the Theater. The Collected Writings of Rousseau, vol. 10 (Hanover, New Hampshire: Univ. Press of New England, 2004). Pp. 406. $70. ISBN 1-58465-353-1

Bloom, Edward A., and Lillian D. Bloom, eds. The Piozzi Letters, Volume 6, 1817-1821 (Newark: Univ. of Delaware, 2002). Pp. 572. 8 ills. $95. ISBN 0-87413-395-5

Boswell, James. Boswell's London Journal, 1762-1763, ed. Frederick A. Pottle. 2nd edn. (New Haven: Yale Univ., 2004). Pp. 407. $18 paper. ISBN 0-300-09301-2...


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