Two new species of Ostracoda (Myodocopina), Parasterope pacifica Kornicker and Harrison-Nelson and Bruuniella beta Kornicker and Harrison- Nelson, from Johnston Atoll are described and illustrated. The ontogeny of the latter species is also described. In addition, the name Bruuniella alpha Kornicker and Harrison-Nelson is proposed for Bruuniella species A, previously described by Kornicker from the western Atlantic; a supplementary description of the species is provided. A new tribe, Bruuniellini, in the subfamily Cylindroleberidinae, family Cylindroleberididae, is proposed to include the genus Bruuniella, and keys are given to the two tribes in the subfamily and to the four known species of Bruuniella. The adult male of a species of the genus Bruuniella is described for the first time.