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Research in African Literatures 35.4 (2004) 194-198

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Index to Volume 35


Ouédraogo, Jean—"Ahmadou Kourouma and the Ivoirian Crisis," 35.3: 1-5.

Ricard, Alain—"Jean Rouch: Some Personal Memories," 35.3: 6-7.


Akinyemi, Akintunde—"Positive Expression of Negative Attributes: An Aspect of Yorùbá Court Poetry," 35.3: 93-111.

Arnold, A. James—"Césaire's Notebook as Palimpsest: The Text before, during, and after World War II," 35.3: 133-40.

Brière, Jean-François—"Abbé Grégoire and Haitian Independence," 35.2: 34-43.

Conteh-Morgan, John—"Editor's Acknowledgements to special issue Haiti, 1804-2004: Literature, Culture, and Art," 35.2: v.

Danticat, Edwidge—Preface to special issue Haiti, 1804-2004: Literature, Culture, and Art, 35.2: vii-viii.

Dash, J. Michael—"Nineteenth-Century Haiti and the Archipelago of the Americas: Anténor Firmin's Letters from St. Thomas," 35.2: 44-53.

Dunton, Chris—"Tatamkhulu Afrika: The Testing of Masculinity," 35.1: 148-61.

Echeruo, Michael J. C.—"Christopher Okigbo, Poetry Magazine, and the "Lament of the Silent Sisters," 35.3: 8-25.

Edwin, Shirin—"African Muslim Communities in Diaspora: The Quest for a Muslim Space in Ken Bugul's Le baobab fou," 35.4: 75-90.

Fainman-Frenkel, Ronit—"Ordinary Secrets and the Bounds of Memory: Traversing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Farida Karodia's Other Secrets and Beverley Naidoo's Out of Bounds," 35.4: 52-65.

Francis, Donette A.—"'Silences Too Horrific to Disturb': Writing Sexual Histories in Edwidge Danticat's Breath, Eyes, Memory," 35.2: 75-90.

Hamil, Mustapha—"Exile and Its Discontents: Malika Mokaddem's Forbidden Woman," 35.1: 52-65.

Hiddleston, Jane—"Feminism and the Question of "Woman" in Assia Djebar's Vaste est la prison," 35.4: 91-104.

Hoeller, Hidelgard—"Ama Ata Aidoo's Heart of Darkness," 35.1: 130-47.

Jonassaint, Jean—"Beyond Painting or Writing: Frankétienne's Poetic Quest," 35.2: 141-56.

Kaussen, Valerie—"Slaves, Viejos, and the Internationale: Modernity and Global Contact in Jacques Roumain's Gouverneurs de la rosée," 35.4: 121-40.

Kemedjio, Cilas—"Postcolonial Mythologies: Jean Metellus and the Writing of Charismatic Memory," 35.2: 91-113.

Krüger, Marie—"Narrative in the Time of AIDS: Postcolonial Kenyan Women's Literature," 35.1: 108-29. [End Page 194]

Lang, George—"A Primer of Haitian Literature in Kreyòl," 35.2: 128-40.

Lucas, Rafaël—"The Aesthetics of Degradation in Haitian Literature," 35.2: 54-74.

Mafe, Diana Adesola—"From Ògún to Othello: (Re)Acquainting Yoruba Myth and Shakespeare's Moor," 35.3: 46-61.

McDonald, Christie—"Ethnography, Literature, and Art in the Work of Anne Eisner (Putnam): Making Sense of Colonial Life in the Ituri Forest," 35.4: 1-16.

McIlvanney, Siobhana—"Double Vision: The Role of the Visual and the Visionary in Nina Bouraoui's La voyeuse interdite (Forbidden Vision)," 35.4: 105-20.

Monson, Tamlyn—"Conserving the Cogito: Rereading Nadine Gordimer's The Conservationist," 35.4: 33-51.

Munro, Martin—"Can't Stand Up for Falling Down: Haiti, Its Revolution, and Twentieth-Century Negritudes," 35.2: 1-17.

Mwangi, Evan—"The Gendered Politics of Untranslated Language and Aporia in Ngugi wa Thiong'o's Petals of Blood," 35.4: 66-74.

Nesbitt, Nick—"Troping Toussaint, Reading Revolution," 35.2: 18-33.

Opland, Jeff—"First Meeting with Manisi," 35.3: 26-45.

O'Riley, Michael F.—"Place, Position, and Postcolonial Haunting in Assia Djebar's La femme sans sépulture," 35.1: 66-86.

Pandey, Anita—"Language and Representation: Linguistic Aesthetics of Female West African Writers," 35.3: 112-32.

Paravisini-Gebert, Lizabeth—"The Haitian Revolution in Interstices and Shadows: A Re-reading of Alejo Carpentier's The Kingdom of This World," 35.2: 114-27.

Riesz, János—"From Ethnography to the African Novel: The Example of Doguicimi (1938) by Paul Hazoumé (Dahomey)," 35.4: 17-32.

Robolin, Stéphane—"Gendered Hauntings: The Joys of Motherhood, Interpretive Acts, and Postcolonial Theory," 35.3: 76-92.

Salhi, Kamal—"Rethinking Francophone Culture: Africa and the Caribbean between History and Theory...


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