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Eighteenth-Century Studies 35.4 (2002) 661-679

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Books Received*

List of books received from Sept. 2001 through Feb. 2002

Aarsleff, Hans, ed. Condillac: Essay on the Origin of Human Knowledge (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2001). Pp. xlv + 225. $59.95 cloth.

Adams, David. Bibliographie des œuvres de Denis Diderot 1739-1900, Tome I-II (Ferney-Voltaire cedex: Centre International D'étude du XVIIIe Siècle, 2000). 2 vols. Pp. 460; 477. $280.00

Albright, Daniel. Berlioz's Semi-Operas: Roméo et Juliette and La damnation de Faust (London: Routledge, 2001). Pp. xiv + 144. $75.00 cloth.

Alexander, R. S. Napoleon (London: Arnold, 2001). Pp. viii + 273. $18.95 paper.

Allgor, Catherine. Parlor Politics: In Which the Ladies of Washington Help Build a City and a Government (Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 2000). Pp. 299. $29.95.

Alryyes, Ala. Original Subjects: The Child, The Novel, and the Nation (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2001). Pp. 228. $20.00 paper.

Ameriks, Karl, ed. The Cambridge Companion to German Idealism (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2000). Pp. xiii + 306. $54.95 cloth.

Anderegg, Johannes. Schreibe mir oft! Das Medium Brief von 1750 bis 1830 (Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2001). Pp. 144. e20.35 paper.

Anderson, Amanda. The Powers of Distance: Cosmopolitanism and the Cultivation of Detachment (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2001). Pp. x + 196. $18.95 paper.

Andreadis, Harriette. Sappho in Early Modern England: Female Same-Sex Literary Erotics 1550-1714 (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2001). Pp. xiii + 254. $17.00 paper.

Andrew, Donna T. and Randall McGowen. The Perreaus and Mrs. Rudd: Forgery and Betrayal in Eighteenth-Century London (Berkeley, Los Angeles, London: University of California Press, 2001). Pp. 346. $35.00 cloth.

Aron, Paul, Sophie Basch, Manuel Couvreur, Jacques Marx, Éric Van der Schueren, Valérie van Crugten-André. Vérité et littérature au XVIIIe siècle. Mélanges rassemblés en l'honneur de Raymond Trousson (Paris: Honoré Champion Editeur, 2001). Pp. 346. FF351.50.

Arch, Stephen Carl. After Franklin: The Emergence of Autobiography in Post-Revolutionary America 1780-1830 (New Hampshire: University Press of New England, 2001). Pp. xiv + 241. $24.95 paper.

Archer, John E. Social Unrest and Popular Protest in England, 1780-1840 (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2000). Pp. vi + 110. $39.95 cloth.

Asprey, Robert. The Reign of Napoleon Bonaparte (New York: Basic Books, 2001). Pp. 462. $35.00 cloth.

Baines, Paul. The Complete Critical Guide to Alexander Pope (London: Routledge, 2000). Pp. xiv + 219. $19.95 paper.

Balayé, Simone, ed. Madame de Staël. Corinne ou l'Italie (Paris: Honoré Champion Editeur, 2000). Pp. 624. FF500.00.

Baker, Malcolm. Figured in Marble: The Making and Viewing of Eighteenth-Century Sculpture (Los Angeles: Getty Research Institute, 2000). Pp. 224. $80.00 cloth.

Bannet, Eve Taylor. The Domestic Revolution: Enlightenment Feminisms and the Novel (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2000). Pp. ix + 304. $18.95 paper.

Beattie, J. M. Policing and Punishment in London 1660-1750 (New York: Oxford University Press, 2001). Pp. xix + 491. $74.00 cloth.

Beatty, John D. ed. Protestant Women's Narratives of the Irish Rebellion of 1798 (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2001). Pp. 272. $55.00 cloth.

Beaumarchais. The Three Figaro Plays: The Barber of Seville, The Marriage of Figaro, and The Guilty Mother. Trans. David Edney (Ottawa: Dovehouse Editions, Inc., 2000). Pp. 510. $10.95 CDN.

Beckett, John. Byron and Newstead: The Aristocrat and the Abbey (Cranbury: University of Delaware Press, 2001). Pp. 347. $55.00 cloth.

Bell, David A. The Cult of the Nation in France: Inventing Nationalism, 1680-1800 (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2001). Pp. xiv + 304. $45.00 cloth.

Benedict, Barbara M. Curiosity: A Cultural History of Early Modern Inquiry (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2001). Pp. ix + 321. $45.00 cloth.

Bennett, Benjamin. Goethe as Woman: The Undoing of Literature (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 2001). Pp. 274. $34.95 cloth.

Bentley Jr., G.E. The Stranger from Paradise: A Biography of William Blake (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2001). Pp. 532. $39.95 cloth.

Berghahn, Klaus L. and Jost Hermand, eds. Goethe in German-Jewish Culture (Rochester: Camden House, 2001...


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