restricted access   Issue 85, Spring 2018

Table of Contents


pp. 1-3

Articles and Essays

The Fray on the Meadow: Violence and a Moment of Government in Early Tudor England

pp. 5-25

Accounting for Men's Work: Multiple Employments and Occupational Identities in Early Modern England

pp. 26-46

Beyond Utopia: New Villages and Living Politics in Modern Japan and across Frontiers

pp. 47-71

'Pommy Town': Remembering the Lysaght Workers' Estate in Australia

pp. 72-94

Forging a Politics of Care: Theorizing Household Work in the British Women's Liberation Movement

pp. 95-119

Good Citizens?: Ugandan Asians, Volunteers and 'Race' Relations in 1970s Britain

pp. 120-141

Feature: Objects of History

Foucault's Clay Feet: Ancient Greek Vases in Modern Theories of Sex

pp. 143-168

Objects, Emotions and an Early Modern Bed-sheet

pp. 169-194

The Concealed Revealed: The 'Afterlives' of Hidden Objects in the Home

pp. 195-216

Savage Warfare: Violence and the Rule of Colonial Difference in Early British Counterinsurgenc

pp. 217-237

Life Writing

Writing History from Below: Chronicling and Record-Keeping in Early Modern England

pp. 239-264

The Narrative of Ann Pratt: Life-Writing, Genre and Bureaucracy in a Postemancipation Scandal

pp. 265-279

Archives and Sources

Letters from London in Black and Red: Claude McKay, Marcus Garvey and the Negro World

pp. 281-293


Negotiating Ireland's 'Decade of Centenaries' in the New Age of Brexit

pp. 295-301

"Did That Play of Mine …?": Theatre, Commemoration and 1916

pp. 302-308

Queer British Art, 1861–1967

pp. 309-313

Historic Passion

Family Matters

pp. 315-321


Pearl Fishers

pp. 323-327

Loveable Philologies: Texts, Bodies and Early Modern Queer Desire

pp. 328-332

Waste People and Deplorables

pp. 332-339

Remaking the World of Music

pp. 340-345

The Makers and Shakers of India

pp. 345-351

Obituaries and Memoirs

Delia Davin (1944–2016)

pp. 353-357

Marilyn B. Young 1937–2017

pp. 358-362