restricted access   Issue 84, Autumn 2017

Table of Contents

Thinking About Denial

Feature: Denial in History

Thinking About Denial

pp. 1-23

Denial in a Settler Society: the Australian Case

pp. 24-43

Contemporary Germany and Denial: Is ‘Nazism’ All there is to Say?

pp. 44-66

‘Wounds of the Heart’: Psychiatric Trauma and Denial in Hiroshima

pp. 67-88

Humanitarianism, Race and Denial: the International Committee of the Red Cross and Kenya’s Mau Mau Rebellion, 1952–60

pp. 89-107

Facts about Atrocity: Reporting Colonial Violence in Postwar Britain

pp. 108-127

The Romani Minority, Coercive Sterilization, and Languages of Denial in the Czech Lands

pp. 128-148

Articles and Essays

The 1689 Mughal Siege of East India Company Bombay: Crisis and Historical Erasure

pp. 149-169

Food, Colonialism and the Quantum of Happiness

pp. 170-193

Natural Right and the Intellectual Context of Early Chartist Thought

pp. 194-213

Listening to Youth? : BBC Youth Broadcasts during the 1930s and the Second World War

pp. 214-233

History at Large

‘Tracking’ Edith Tudor-Hart

pp. 235-247

Making a Way Out of No Way: the National Museum of African American History and Culture

pp. 248-256

Historic Passion

The Other Place

pp. 257-263


The Country of the Fathers

pp. 265-272

Gender in the Public Workplace

pp. 273-280

Out of Step

pp. 280-287

Uncommon History

pp. 287-290

Plans for People

pp. 291-293

Obituaries and Memoirs

Jutta Schwarzkopf, 1953–2016

pp. 295-299

Inge Marszolek (1947–2016)

pp. 300-305

Asa Briggs (1921–2016)

pp. 306-312

Andy Durr, 1917–2014: a Memoir

pp. 313-315