restricted access   Volume 49, Number/numéro 3,, Fall/automne 2015

Table of Contents

Spacial Sanctuaries and Normalizing Violence: The Canadian Soldier on the Western Front during the Great War

pp. 5-22

Marshalling Memory: A Historiographical Biography of Ernest Alexander Cruikshank

pp. 23-54

Brian Moore’s Unsettling Irish Immigrant: The Luck of Ginger Coffey

pp. 55-75

Strutting Like a Peacock: Masculinity, Consumerism, and Men’s Fashion in Toronto, 1966-72

pp. 76-110

Playing the Creator’s Game on God’s Day: The Controversy of Sunday Lacrosse Games in Haudenosaunee Communities, 1916-24

pp. 111-143

When Beer Was Off-side: Drink, Sport, and the Ideals of Civic Citizenship in Two Ontario Cities, 1934-44

pp. 144-169

A “Unifying Influence on Our Nation”: Making and Remaking the Meaning of Terry Fox

pp. 170-190

Management of Distributive Conflicts Impeding Expansion of Interprovincial Hydroelectricity Transmission

pp. 191-221

Prairie Capitalism Revisited: Canada, Bitumen, and the Resource Colony Question

pp. 222-255


Writing on the Great War at the Centenary: Recent Books on Canada’s First World War

pp. 256-267

Specifying the Canadian: Four Books on Hockey

pp. 268-281

Contributors • Collaborateurs

pp. 282-283