restricted access   Volume 49, Number/numéro 2, Spring/printemps 2015

Table of Contents

Meeting Places/Lieux de rencontre

Crossing the Cobequid: Meeting Places/Lieux de rencontre

pp. 1-6

Creating Place in Early Canada

pp. 7-24

The Role of Colonial Artists in the Dispossession and Displacement of the Maliseet, 1790s-1850s

pp. 25-86

Hiding in Plain Sight: A New Narrative for Canadian Literary History

pp. 87-105

Le devenir paysager. De quelques paysages postindustriels entre arts visuels et poésie

pp. 106-132

More than Where the Heart Is: Meeting Places in Wabanaki Poetry by Cheryl Savageau and Mihku Paul

pp. 133-149

Refashioning Mi’kmaw Narratives into Maritime Fictions: Theodore Goodridge Roberts, Frank Parker Day, and Alden Nowlan

pp. 150-170

One Little, Two Little, Three Canadians: The Indians of Canada Pavilion and Public Pedagogy, Expo 1967

pp. 171-204

Collaborative Performances of Resistance in Twenty-First Century Toronto: Occupy Toronto and The Encampment

pp. 205-226

Colonial Encounters at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: “Unsettling” the Personal Photograph Albums of Andrew Onderdonk and Benjamin Leeson

pp. 227-267

Alternative Paths: Mapping Addiction in Contemporary Art by Landon Mackenzie, Rebecca Belmore, Manasie Akpaliapik, and Ron Noganosh

pp. 268-295

Imaged Communities: Putting Canadian Photographic History in its Place

pp. 296-354


pp. 355-357