restricted access   Volume 27, Number 3-4, Spring-Summer 2015

Table of Contents

Georgian Theatre in an Information Age: Media, Performance, Sociability

Daniel O'Quinn and Gillian Russell



pp. 337-340

“The General Entertainment of My Life”: The Tatler, the Spectator, and the Quidnunc’s Cure

pp. 343-371

Pox on Both Your Houses: The Battle of the Romeos

pp. 373-393

The Newspaper “Trial” of Charles Macklin’s Macbeth and the Theatre as Juridical Public Sphere

pp. 395-418

The Catholic Question, Print Media, and John O’Keeffe’s The Poor Soldier (1783)

pp. 419-448

The Scottish Play: Nationalism, Masculinity, and the Georgian Afterlife of The Wonder: A Woman Keeps a Secret

pp. 451-478

Half-History, or The Function of Cato at the Present Time

pp. 479-507

The Lure of the Other: Sheridan, Identity and Performance in Kingston and Calcutta

pp. 509-534

Sarah Sophia Banks’s Private Theatricals: Ephemera, Sociability, and the Archiving of Fashionable Life

pp. 535-555

Comedy, Too Fatal Emblem: Anne Damer and Occult Theatricality

pp. 557-596

Mourning the “Dignity of the Siddonian Form”

pp. 597-629

Satire and Embodiment: Allegorical Romance on Stage and Page in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Britain

pp. 631-660

Theatrical Tristram: Sterne and Hamlet Reconsidered

pp. 661-680

Disoriented, Twice Removed from the Real, Racked by Passion in Walpole’s Protean Theatres of Sensation

pp. 681-706

Melodrama and the Politics of Literary Form in Elizabeth Inchbald’s Works

pp. 707-730

Afterword: What Now?

pp. 731-734


The Oxford Handbook of The Georgian Theatre 1737–1832 ed. by Julia Swindells and David Francis Taylor (review)

pp. 735-741

Celebrity, Performance, Reception: British Georgian Theatre as Social Assemblage by David Worrall (review)

pp. 742-744

New World Drama: The Performative Commons in the Atlantic World, 1649–1849 by Elizabeth Maddock Dillon (review)

pp. 744-747

Women and Shakespeare in the Eighteenth Century by Fiona Ritchie (review)

pp. 747-749

Richard Brinsley Sheridan: The Impresario in Political and Cultural Context ed. by Jack E. DeRochi and Daniel J. Ennis (review)

pp. 750-753

Imagining Methodism in 18th-Century Britain: Enthusiasm, Belief and the Borders of the Self by Misty G. Anderson (review)

pp. 753-755

Hercules by George Frideric Handel (review)

pp. 756-758

The Beaux’ Stratagem by George Farquhar (review)

pp. 758-760

The Critic by Richard Brinsley Sheridan (review)

pp. 761-764