restricted access   Volume 27, Number 2, Winter 2014-15

Table of Contents


“They Give No Cordials to Heighten the Fever”: Lady Mary, Corruption, and the Problem of Royal Influence

pp. 181-200

Empiricism and Henry Fielding’s Theory of Fiction

pp. 201-228

Untimely Old Age and Deformity in Sarah Scott’s Millenium Hall

pp. 229-256

Staging Sociability in The Excursion: Frances Brooke, David Garrick, and the King’s Theatre Coterie

pp. 257-284

Libertine Fiction, Forensic Fashion, and the Dandy’s Development in Edward Bulwer’s Pelham

pp. 285-306

Book Reviews/Critiques de livres

Women, Work, and Clothes in the Eighteenth-Century Novel by Chloe Wigston Smith (review)

pp. 307-309

Be It Ever So Humble: Poverty, Fiction, and the Invention of the Middle-Class Home by Scott R. MacKenzie (review)

pp. 310-312

Rococo Fiction in France, 1600–1715: Seditious Frivolity by Allison Stedman (review)

pp. 312-315

Medicine and Narration in the Eighteenth Century ed. by Sophie Vasset (review)

pp. 315-317

An Archaeology of Sympathy: The Sentimental Mode in Literature and Cinema by James Chandler (review)

pp. 318-320

Bad Books: Rétif de la Bretonne, Sexuality, and Pornography by Amy S. Wyngaard (review)

pp. 320-322

Les plaisirs et les jours; actes du colloque de 2011 à Trois-Rivières éd. by Claude Thérien et Suzanne Foisy (review)

pp. 323-325

Économies du rebut: Poétique et critique du recyclage au xviiie siècle éd. by Florence Magnot-Ogilvy et Martial Poirson (review)

pp. 325-328

Jane Austen the Reader: The Artist as Critic by Olivia Murphy (review)

pp. 328-331

Charles Maturin: Authorship, Authenticity and the Nation by Jim Kelly (review)

pp. 331-333

Portraiture and British Gothic Fiction: The Rise of Picture Identification, 1764–1835 by Kamilla Elliott (review)

pp. 334-336