restricted access   Volume 92, Number 4, June 2014

Table of Contents

Political Economy

Assessing the Impact of the Size and Scope of Government on Human Well-Being

pp. 1241-1258

Generational Inequalities and Welfare Regimes

pp. 1259-1283

Inequality and Stratification

Moving On? A Growth-Curve Analysis of Occupational Attainment and Career Progression Patterns in West Germany

pp. 1285-1312

Skin Tone Stratification among Black Americans, 2001–2003

pp. 1313-1337


Explaining Pay Disparities between Top Executives and Nonexecutive Employees: A Relative Bargaining Power Approach

pp. 1339-1372

Gender Structure and the Effects of Management Citizenship Behavior

pp. 1373-1404

Economic Sociology

Consumption as a Source of Social Change

pp. 1405-1433


Migrant Networks and Labor Market Integration of Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union in Germany

pp. 1435-1456

The Effect of Minority/Majority Origins on Immigrants’ Integration

pp. 1457-1486

Finding Common Ground? Indian Immigrants and Asian American Panethnicity

pp. 1487-1512


Is Academic Engagement the Panacea for Achievement in Mathematics across Racial/Ethnic Groups? Assessing the Role of Teacher Culture

pp. 1513-1544

Curricular Tracking and Central Examinations: Counterbalancing the Impact of Social Background on Student Achievement in 36 Countries

pp. 1545-1572

Scholarly Culture and Academic Performance in 42 Nations

pp. 1573-1605


The Consequences of Paternal Incarceration for Maternal Neglect and Harsh Parenting

pp. 1607-1636

Energy Policy

Convergence and Divergence in Renewable Energy Policy among US States from 1998 to 2011

pp. 1637-1657


Erratum: Supervision, Pay, and Effort

p. 1617