restricted access   Volume 92, Number 3, March 2014

Table of Contents

Life Course

Marriage, Gender, and Class: The Effects of Partner Resources on Unemployment Exit in Germany

pp. 839-871

Are Conceptions of Adulthood Universal and Unisex?: Ages and Social Markers in 25 European Countries

pp. 873-898


Are They Acculturating?: Europe’s Immigrants and Gender Egalitarianism

pp. 899-928

Hierarchical Structure and Gender Dissimilarity in American Legal Labor Markets

pp. 929-955


Discrimination of Arabic-Named Applicants in the Netherlands: An Internet-Based Field Experiment Examining Different Phases in Online Recruitment Procedures

pp. 957-982

Double Time: Is Health Affected by a Spouse’s Time at Work?

pp. 983-1007


Testing the Veracity of Self-Reported Religious Practice in the Muslim World

pp. 1009-1037

Religion, Stress, and Suicide Acceptability in South Korea

pp. 1039-1059

Social Networks

Friends as a Bridge to Parental Influence: Implications for Adolescent Alcohol Use

pp. 1061-1085


Material Welfare and Changing Political Preferences: The Case of Support for Redistributive Social Policies

pp. 1087-1113

To Build an Extended Family: Feminist Organizational Design and Its Dilemmas in Women-Led Non-Governmental Elder Homes in China

pp. 1115-1134

Economic Sociology

Supervision, Pay, and Effort

pp. 1135-1158

Political Economy

Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth: New Evidence from Post-Socialist Transition Countries

pp. 1159-1187


Unequal Trajectories: Racial and Class Differences in Residential Exposure to Industrial Hazard

pp. 1189-1215

Collective Action

Legitimizing Collective Action and Countervailing Power

pp. 1217-1239