restricted access   Volume 62, Number 2, Fall 2013

Table of Contents

Essays in Honor of W. Boyd Rayward: Part 1

Alistair Black and Charles van den Heuvel, Issue Editors


pp. 261-264

Section 1: The Work of W. Boyd Rayward and its Influence

W. Boyd Rayward: Curriculum Vitae

pp. 265-281

Putting Boyd in His Place

pp. 282-292

Thanks, Prof. Rayward, for Explaining…

pp. 293-301

Boyd Rayward, Documentation, and Information Science

pp. 302-310

The Archives of Paul Otlet: Between Appreciation and Rediscovery, 1944–2013

pp. 311-328

Section 2: Documentation, Classification, and Information Management

The Decimal Office: Administration as a Science in the Netherlands in the First Decades of the Twentieth Century

pp. 329-345

Julius Hanauer: Bio-Bibliographical Traces of a German Special Librarian, Esperantist, and Documentalist

pp. 346-359

Information Management of British Military Intelligence: The Work of the Documentalists, 1909–1945

pp. 360-377

Documentation Under Duress: The Joint Conference of the International Federation for Documentation (FID) and the Association of Special Libraries and Information Bureaux (ASLIB), Oxford–London, 1938

pp. 378-401

Julius Otto Kaiser: The Early Years

pp. 402-428

Knowledge Space Revisited: Challenges for Twenty-First Century Library and Information Science Researchers

pp. 429-441

Bibliography as Anthropometry: Dreaming Scientific Order at the fin de siècle

pp. 442-455

The Heritage of Boleslas Iwinski

pp. 456-464

Intellectual Exchange and the New Information Order of the Interwar Years: The British Society for International Bibliography, 1927–1937

pp. 465-477

On the Organization of geistige Arbeit: Historical Reflections on Die Brücke

pp. 478-488