restricted access   Volume 62, Number 3, Winter 2014

Table of Contents

Essays in Honor of W. Boyd Rayward: Part 2

Alistair Black and Charles van den Heuvel, Issue Editors

Section 3: Libraries, Museums, and Archives

“A Home-like Atmosphere”: The Advent of Children’s Rooms at St. Louis Public Library, 1906–1912

pp. 489-503

Agents of Change: The Rise of International Librarianship and the Age of Globalization

pp. 504-518

Open Wide the Doors: The Children’s Room as Place in Public Libraries, 1876–1925

pp. 519-529

Library Towers and the Vertical Dimension of Knowledge

pp. 530-540

Progressive Reform and the Moral Mission in Australian Public Libraries at the Beginning of the “Information Age”

pp. 541-555

Remodeling and Expanding Carnegie-Era Library Buildings

pp. 556-580

“There and Back Again”: Reimagining the Public Library for the Twenty-First Century

pp. 581-595

Library Influence on Museum Information Work

pp. 596-612

Digital Convergence and the Information Profession in Cultural Heritage Organizations: Reconciling Internal and External Demands

pp. 613-627

Section 4: Information History

Systems of Information: The Long View

pp. 628-662

The Puffery and Practicality of Etiquette Books: A New Take on Victorian Information Culture

pp. 663-680

Information Revolutions, the Information Society, and the Future of the History of Information Science

pp. 681-713