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Sound Art


LMJ 23: Sound Art

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A Music out of Doors

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The Intimate and the Immersive in Grids: Multichannel Sound Installations

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Three Environments

pp. 7-8

Plasticities and Ghosts: Relationships between Stimulus and Memory in Noisy Networks

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Solar Work #2: A Solar-Powered Sound Artwork

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Making Sculptures Audible through Participatory Sound Design

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Presentness in Displaced Sound

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Mobile Sound and Locative Practice

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Radioscape: Into Electromagnetic Space

pp. 15-16

Listening to Locative Narratives: Illusion and the Imaginative Experience

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Sound Resources: Environmental Installation

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Musical Phonography: Upending Listening Expectations

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Sound Installation 24/7: Aestheticizing Everyday Sound and Rhythm

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Fragments of Extinction: Acoustic Biodiversity of Primary Rainforest Ecosystems

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Sounds in Your Pocket: Composing Live Soundscapes with an App

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Move That Sound There: Exploring Sound in Space with a Markerless Gestural Interface

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Flexible Audio Speakers for Composition and Art Practice

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Instruments of Tension: Gramophones, Springs and the Performance of Place

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History and Criticism

Rakes, Live Deaths and Modified Cassette Players: Three Contemporary Sound Artists from Colombia

pp. 41-46

Recomposing the City: A Survey of Recent Sound Art in Belfast

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(Demolishing) Concrete Music

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From Ear to Site: On Discreet Sound

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Translating Transformations: Object-Based Sound Installations

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Dead Silence: Ecological Silencing and Environmentally Engaged Sound Art

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World on a Wire: Sound as Sensual Objects

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"Electric Music" on the Victorian Stage: The Forgotten Work of J.B. Schalkenbach

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On-Line Supplement

Sound Art Theories Symposium

Sound Art Theories Symposium

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On-Line Supplement: Sound Art Theories Symposium

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LMJ23 CD Companion

sound—or its absence

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sound—or its absence

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sound—or its absence: Contributors' Notes

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Telephone Voice

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The Circulation of Fluids I

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Meanwhile, in Shanghai. . .

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Sound Piece from Plataforma Sonora/Torre Reloj

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Spark, Bubble

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Espaces injectés

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The Broken Orchestra Live in Stockholm

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Archive Tape from the Suffolk Concrete Music Centre 1972

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Telemarketing Indeterminacy

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Leonardo Network News

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Leonardo Reviews

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Leonardo Music Journal Archives Now On-Line!

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