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LMJ 22: Acoustics

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A Compositional Approach Derived from Material and Ephemeral Elements

pp. 3-10

Environmental Sonification of Rainfall with Long Wire Instruments

pp. 11-14

Acoustics: Real Life, Real Time—Why the Flutist and Flute Had to Evolve

pp. 15-16

Materials Innovation in Acoustic Guitars: Challenging the Tonal Superiority of Wood

pp. 17-24

Resonance: From the Architectural to the Microscopic

pp. 25-33

Miraculous Agitations: On the Uses of Chaotic, Non-Linear and Emergent Behavior in Acoustic Vibrating Physical Systems

pp. 35-40

Musical Robotics in a Loudspeaker World: Developments in Alternative Approaches to Localization and Spatialization

pp. 41-48

TAPIR Sound as a New Medium for Music

pp. 49-51

Weakness, Ambience and Irrelevance: Failure as a Method for Acoustic Variety

pp. 53-54

Sonic Objects, Resonance and Chaotics

p. 54


Organ of Corti: A Listening Device

p. 55

Acoustic Mirage: A Psychoacoustic Sound Installation

p. 56

Sustained Tones and the Auditory Experience

pp. 56-57

Sound Is Not Enough

pp. 57-58

Soundscape as Interface: The Threshold Project

pp. 58-59

Ear as Instrument

pp. 61-62

The Silenced Listener: Architectural Acoustics, the Concert Hall and the Conditions of Audience

pp. 63-65

Sonification and Acoustic Environments

pp. 67-71

On the Conception and Measure of Consonance

pp. 73-78

It's for You: Muddy Waters's "Long Distance Call" and How Delta Blues Re-Set the Controls for the Heart of the Earth

pp. 79-84

Introduction On-Line Supplement: Lucier Celebration

pp. 85-86

On-Line Supplement: Lucier Celebration

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LMJ22 CD: Acoustics

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CD Companion Introduction: Acoustics

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Acoustics: Contributors' Notes

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2012 Author Index: Leonardo Volume 45 and Leonardo Music Journal Volume 22

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Leonardo Network News

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