restricted access   Volume 46, Number 4, 2013

Table of Contents

Special Issue: SIGGRAPH 2013 Art Papers and XYZN: ScaleArt Gallery

Guest Editorial

pp. 318-319

2013 ACM SIGGRAPH Award: ACM SIGGRAPH Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art

pp. 320-321

Art Papers

Art Papers Jury

p. 322

Hybrid Basketry: Interweaving Digital Practice within Contemporary Craft

pp. 324-331

KIMA —A Holographic Telepresence Environment Based on Cymatic Principles

pp. 332-343

Null By Morse: Historical Optical Communication to Smartphones

pp. 344-352

Ut Pictura Poesis: Drawing into Space

pp. 353-359

The Electric “Now Indigo Blue”: Synthetic Color and Video Synthesis Circa 1969

pp. 360-366

The Emergence and Growth of Evolutionary Art – 1980–1993

pp. 367-375

Early History of French CG

pp. 376-385

XYZN: Scale

XYZN: Scale Art Gallery Jury

p. 386


p. 389

Cloud Pink

pp. 390-391

Digiti Sonus

pp. 392-393

Drawing Machine

pp. 394-395

Expressive Maps

pp. 396-397

Four Mountains

pp. 398-399

Long View

pp. 400-401

Rhumb Lines

pp. 402-403

Shared Skies (13 global skies)

pp. 404-405

Spatial Hyperlink

pp. 406-407

Swarm Vision

pp. 408-409

This Exquisite Forest

pp. 410-411

Traces: Plankton on the Move

pp. 412-413

Visualizing Federal Spending

pp. 414-415

Water Columns

pp. 416-417

Leonardo Network News

pp. 418-419