Volume 47, Number 3, 2012

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From: Latin American Research Review

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Conflicto y distancia: Notas críticas de lecturas y trabajo de campo antropológico

pp. 3-21

Innovative Judicial Procedures and Redefinition of the Institutional Role of the Argentine Supreme Court

pp. 22-40

Coyotaje y grupos delictivos en Tamaulipas

pp. 41-61

Secularización y derechos humanos: Actores católicos entre la dictadura argentina (1976) y la administración Carter (1977–1979)

pp. 62-82

A difícil construção do capital social: Estruturas da ação coletiva numa organização camponesa colombiana

pp. 83-108

The Redistributive Effects of Centralization and Decentralization across Subnational Units

pp. 109-133

Tepoztlán, una economía de la experiencia íntima

pp. 134-154

Research Reports and Notes

Some Determinants of the Existence of Government Websites in 853 Municipalities in Minas Gerais, Brazil

pp. 155-174

Déjà VU: Latin America and Its New Trade Dependency . . . This Time with China

pp. 175-190

Review Essays

Inequality in Latin America and the Quandary of Clientelism

pp. 191-200

Policing and Crime

pp. 201-208

Regional Integration and Political Cooperation in Latin America

pp. 209-217

Los intelectuales públicos en América Latina: La fluidez de un concepto

pp. 218-226


Notes on the Contributors

pp. 230-233

Volume 47

Volume 47 Special Issue 2012

pp. 234-235