restricted access   Volume 47, Number 2, 2012

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From: Latin American Research Review

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The Values of Water: Development Cultures and Indigenous Cultures in Highland Ecuador

pp. 3-26

State Institutions, Power, and Social Networks in Brazilian Urban Policies

pp. 27-50

The Agrarian Rentier Political Economy: Land Concentration and Food Insecurity in Colombia

pp. 51-78

Public Security Forces with Private Funding: Local Army Entrepreneurship in Peru and Ecuador

pp. 79-99

A Foreign Policy for Domestic Consumption: Mexico’s Lukewarm Defense of Castro, 1959–1969

pp. 100-119

A False Start on the Road to Mercosur: Reinterpreting Rapprochement Failure between Argentina and Brazil, 1972

pp. 120-143

Foreign Direct Investment and Home-Country Political Risk: The Case of Brazil

pp. 144-165

Research Reports and Notes

Geografías de violencia y exclusión: Pandillas encarceladas en Honduras

pp. 167-179

Changes to Agricultural Decision Making and Food Procurement Strategies in Rural Paraguay

pp. 180-190

Review Essays

Decentralization and its Discontents

pp. 191-199

Living Conditions of the Poor in Latin America

pp. 200-207

Contemporary Peruvian Politics and Policy

pp. 208-215

Drugs, Violence, and Life in Mexico

pp. 216-223

Museos y otras representaciones colectivas en América Latina

pp. 224-230

Notes on the Contributors

pp. 235-238

Forthcoming in Volume 47, Number 3

p. 239