restricted access   Volume 19, Number 2, June 2012

Table of Contents

Feature Article

Karl Jaspers on Delusion: Definition by Genus and Specific Difference

pp. 79-86


Jaspers on “Primary” Delusions

pp. 87-89

The Indefinability and Unintelligibility of Delusion

pp. 91-95


The Real Definition of Delusion

pp. 97-101

Feature Article

Depersonalization and the Sense of Realness

pp. 103-113


Reality, Realness, and the Natural Attitude

pp. 115-118

From the Transcendental to the Enactive

pp. 119-121


Realness, Expression, and the Role of Others

pp. 123-126

Feature Article

Delusions of Death and Immortality: A Consequence of Misplaced Being in Cotard Patients

pp. 127-140


Intimations of Immortality

pp. 141-144

Experience and Expectations: Bayesian Explanations of the Alternation Between the Capgras and Cotard Delusions

pp. 145-148


In Defense of Misplaced Being and the Interactionist Account

pp. 149-152

About the Authors

pp. 153-154

Concurrent Contents: Recent and Classic References at the Interface of Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology

pp. 155-158

International News and Notes

pp. 159-163