restricted access   Volume 19, Number 3, September 2012

Table of Contents

Feature Article

From Hope in Palliative Care to Hope as a Virtue and a Life Skill

pp. 165-181


Hope as a Virtue in an Aristotelian Context

pp. 183-186

Hope as Virtue: Opens up a New Space for Exploring Hopefulness at the End of Life and Raises Some Interesting Questions

pp. 187-189


Hope and Friendship: Being and Having

pp. 191-195

Feature Article

Inferring Motives in Psychology and Psychoanalysis

pp. 197-212


On Caution and Courage in Psychoanalytic Epistemology

pp. 213-215

Thematic Affinities and Psychoanalysis

pp. 217-219


Statistics, Desire, and Interdisciplinarity

pp. 221-225

Feature Article

A Phenomenological Study of Anorexia Nervosa

pp. 227-241


Objects and Others: Diverting Heidegger to Conceptualize Anorexia

pp. 243-246

Understanding Anorexia Nervosa: A Phenomenological Analysis of the Body and the Mirror

pp. 247-249


“Too Fat” and “Too Thin”: Understanding the Bodily Experience of Anorexia Nervosa

pp. 251-253

About the Authors

pp. 255-256

Concurrent Contents: Recent and Classic References at the Interface of Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology

pp. 257-258

International News and Notes

pp. 259-264