restricted access   Volume 44, Number 4, August 2011

Table of Contents

Leonardo Special Issue: SIGGRAPH 2011 Art Papers and Tracing Home Art Gallery

Guest Editorial

pp. 296-297

ACM SIGGRAPH Lifetime Achievement Award in Digital Art

p. 299

Art Papers

Art Papers Jury

p. 300

Conserving Digital Art for Deep Time

pp. 302-308

Art and Code: The Aesthetic Legacy of Aldo Giorgini

pp. 309-316

The Readers Project: Procedural Agents and Literary Vectors

pp. 317-324

Shadow Awareness: Enhancing Theater Space Through the Mutual Projection of Images on a Connective Slit Screen

pp. 325-333

Collaboration with the Future: An Infrastructure for Art+Technology at the San José International Airport

pp. 334-345


p. 340

Tracing Home

Tracing Home Art Gallery Jury

pp. 346-348


pp. 350-351

0h!m1gas: biomimetic stridulation environment

pp. 352-353


pp. 354-355

The Garden of Error and Decay

pp. 356-357

tele-present wind

pp. 358-359

Tomorrow will get better

pp. 360-361


pp. 362-363

Hildapromenade 4

pp. 364-365


pp. 366-367


pp. 368-369

The Insatiable

pp. 370-371

Travel Stones

pp. 372-373

Open House

pp. 374-375


pp. 376-377

Reveries and Line Drawings

pp. 378-379

Third Skin

pp. 380-381

Leonardo Network News

Leonardo Network News

pp. 382-383