restricted access   Number 20, Fall 5771/2010

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Jewish Women in Non-Jewish Philanthropy in Italy (1870–1938)

pp. 9-33

“Sacrifices upon the Altar of Charity”: The Masculinization of Jewish Philanthropy in Mid-Nineteenth Century America

pp. 34-56

Democratizing British-Jewish Philanthropy: The Union of Jewish Women (1902–1930)

pp. 57-79

Does Jewish Philanthropy Differ by Sex and Type of Giving?

pp. 80-96

Women Philanthropists: The Wave of the Future

pp. 97-108

Roundtable: Jewish Women and Philanthropy

pp. 109-126

Reflections on the “Jewish Women and Philanthropy” Roundtable

pp. 127-131

Feminist Artists, Feminist Matrons

pp. 132-139

Miriam Kainy: The Survivor Artist on the Establishment Stage

pp. 140-155

Let me Continue to Speak the Truth: Bertha Pappenheim as Author and Activist (review)

pp. 156-158

Women and Gender in the Twentieth-Century Middle East (review)

pp. 159-163

Women and Judaism: New Insights and Scholarship (review)

pp. 164-166

The Passing Game: Queering Jewish American Culture Judaic Traditions in Literature, Music, and Art (review)

pp. 167-171

Domestic Violence and the Jewish Community: The Literature Expands

pp. 172-175


Contributors to This Issue

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