restricted access   Number 19, Spring 5770/2010

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Women and Jewish Poetry

Consulting Editor: Kathryn Hellerstein


pp. 5-8

Back to the Beginning: An Exploration of the Roles Played by Eve and the Garden of Eden in Modern Poetry by Jewish Women

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pp. 32-33

"On Account of the Cushite Woman that Moses Took": Race and Gender in Modern Hebrew Poems about Numbers 12

pp. 34-61

After Sarah's Withering, and: The Rabbi No Longer Speaks. And the Rabbi's Wife Laughs

pp. 62-63

A Boat of Light: Zoharic Images in Zelda's Poetry

pp. 64-95

First Quarter: Crescent, and: First Quarter: Apogee, and: Second Quarter: Second Lunation, and: Second Quarter: Perigee

pp. 96-99

Slippery Selves: Rachel Bluvstein and Anna Margolin in Poetry and in Public

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pp. 134-136

Ancient Murderess Night, Black Mother in Need, Help Me!, and: I Did Not Know, My Lover, and: Oft gey ikh vi hinter a shleyer, and: Di nakht iz arayn in mayn hoyz

pp. 136-140

Remembering Two of Montreal's Yiddish Women Poets: Esther Segal and Ida Maza

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pp. 174-175

Five Hebrew Translations of Else Lasker-Schüler's Poem "An mein Kind"

pp. 176-198

What Do Jews Stand For? Muriel Rukeyser's Ethics of Identity

pp. 199-226

The Woman Who Was Water

p. 227

Forever Beholden: Orphanhood in the Work of Dahlia Ravikovitch

pp. 228-247

What Do You Have?, and: Morning

p. 248

The Kabbalist's Wife: The Politics of Appropriation in Two Poems by Women Scholars

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Journal Notes: September 2007—August 2008

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Contributors to This Issue

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