restricted access   Number 18, Fall 5770/2009

Table of Contents

Iranian Jewish Women

Consulting Editor: Farideh Dayanim Goldin


pp. 5-12

Iranian Jewish Women: Domesticating Religion and Appropriating Zoroastrian Religion in Ritual Life

pp. 13-38

Individual Redemption and Family Commitment: The Influence of Mass Immigration to Israel on the Crypto-Jewish Women of Mashhad

pp. 39-70

Essays by Scholars

The Tear Jar

pp. 71-86

The Ghosts of Our Mothers: From Oral Tradition to Written Words—A History and Critique of Jewish Women Writers of Iranian Heritage

pp. 87-124

The Chador as a Symbol of Fear during Khomeini's Insurrection

pp. 125-139

Esther: The Jewish Queen of Persia

pp. 140-165

Knowledge versus Status: Discursive Struggle in Women's Batei Midrash

pp. 166-186

Men Who Refuse to Grant a Religious Divorce: Characteristics, Motivation and Ways of Contending with the Issue

pp. 187-205

Israel's Women Soldiers over the Generations: A Panel Discussion

pp. 206-226

How Long Will We Go On Militarizing the Civil Sphere?: A Response to the Panel Discussion on Israel's Women Soldiers

pp. 227-233

Understanding Tzniut: Modern Controversies in the Jewish Community (review)

pp. 234-242

Nehama Leibowitz, Teacher and Bible Scholar (review)

pp. 243-248

Sister in Sorrow: Life Histories of Female Holocaust Survivors from Hungary (review)

pp. 249-253

Marie Syrkin: Values beyond the Self (review)

pp. 254-255

At Odds in the World: Essays on Jewish Canadian Women Writers (review)

pp. 256-258

Contributors to this Issue

pp. 261-263