restricted access   Volume 47, Number 3, 2004

Table of Contents


Eliza Lynn Linton, Sarah Grand and the Spectacle of the Victorian Woman Question: Catch Phrases, Buzz Words and Sound Bites

pp. 251-272

Sir Ernest Shackleton's Miraculous Escape from Antarctica as Captivity Narrative: "The Grip of the Ice"

pp. 273-291

Rage and Reparation in the Epiphanies of Edward Thomas: Dark-Bright Water, Grating Roar

pp. 292-310

Fictions of Justice: Testamentary Intention and the (Il)legitimate Heir in Trollope's Ralph the Heir and Forster's Howards End

pp. 311-330

Book Reviews

Kipling & America

pp. 331-335

The British & Colonial Press

pp. 335-339

Wanting the Other

pp. 339-342

Jane Ellen Harrison

pp. 342-346

Lucas Malet Biography

pp. 347-349

Diaries & Audience

pp. 349-352

Wilde vs. Queensberry

pp. 352-355

The Ascendancy of Theory

pp. 355-357

Reading Dubliners

pp. 357-360

Joyce & Dante

pp. 360-363

Shaw's The Black Girl

pp. 363-365


pp. 366-368