restricted access   Volume 10, Number 1, September 1999

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From: Postmodern Culture

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"This Book Spill Off the Page in All Directions": What Is the Text of Naked Lunch?

Love and the Debasement of Being: Irigaray's Revisions of Lacan and Heidegger

Technical Ex-Communication: How a Former Professional Engineer Becomes a Former English Professor

Theoretical Tailspins: Reading "Alternative" Performance in Spin Magazine

Terrible Beauties: Messianic Time and the Image of Social Redemption in James Cameron's Titanic

Review Essay

Friedrich Kittler's Media Scenes--An Instruction Manual


Contesting Globalisms: The Transnationalization of U.S. Cultural Studies

Postcolonial Reading

Of Tea Parties, Poverty Tours, and Tammany Pow-wows; or, How Mr. Clinton Distanced Us All from Pine Ridge

An Academic Exorcism

Memory, Orality, Literacy, Joyce, and the Imaginary: A Virtual History of Cyberculture

The Blair Witch Project: Technology, Repression, and the Evisceration of Mimesis


Notes on Contributors