restricted access   Volume 10, Number 2, January 2000

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From: Postmodern Culture

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Stuplimity: Shock and Boredom in Twentieth-Century Aesthetics

Flickering Connectivities in Shelley Jackson's Patchwork Girl : The Importance of Media-Specific Analysis

Dada Photomontage and Sitemaps

Stop Making Sense: Fuck 'em and Their Law (... It's Only I and O but I Like It...)


Review Essay

Grotesque Caricature: Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut as the Allegory of Its Own Reception


Brecht Our (Post-) Contemporary

Veiled and Revealed

Past, Present and Future: New Historicism versus Cultural Materialism

The Truth About Pina Bausch: Nature and Fantasy in Carnations

The Critical Idiom of Postmodernity and Its Contributions to an Understanding of Complexity

Near Collisions: Rhetorical Cultural Studies or a Cultural Rhetorical Studies?

Utopian Ironies



Notes on Contributors

Notes on Contributors